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Ices Eyes
  • Ices Eyes

    Ices Eyes - 2014-03-01

    Hi all.
    I am here to ask you what you think about trying to go with for the translation of Notepad++. I have made a little try with my 10 days project test, and the only problem I had is in importing the already available files, since lots of string are not correctly recognized (the problem is that it seems that the position in the file of the strings is important for the engine, which does not go with the id...).

    Anyone has some good or bad experiences with that? I also see that for open source projects the service is free, so maybe we can ask Don to open the project and maybe some of us could help him in managing it... :)


  • xm

    xm - 2014-03-05

    Hi, imho the crowdin may be overkill for such simple task (translation of one small xml file). What I am seeking most is a possibility to update the current trunk xml-file to always have the correct latest translation file in the latest N++ installer/build. Or some sort of automatic sending of the current RC-version to active translators before the final release...
    BR xm

  • Ices Eyes

    Ices Eyes - 2014-03-08

    Surely crowdin may be intended for more complex translation tasks, but it is true that it can also be used for some less difficult ones. One of the biggest problem on translating n++ is that you never know the new strings added on as new release. Moreover, once it is out, we can find them by ourselves, then translate the strings and send Don the new translation file. However, this will be available as a translation only in the next release, that again may have new strings and old ones removed, maybe partially making of no use the time we spent for the translation...
    So I think on crowdin so that maybe with the right ads, users can also download translation by themselves without needing to search for them on the forum, that most of them doesn't either know exist...
    In addition, maybe a plugin that update automatically translation files should be a good think, checking for them on a central repository, but that is out of my time and maybe capabilities... But it still should be a good piece of software, once find out a good translation model... :)


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