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  • Ices Eyes

    Ices Eyes - 2009-09-21

    Italian translation for v5.5 is already in the installer! <br />
    <br />

  • Ices Eyes

    Ices Eyes - 2009-12-05

    Italian translation for version 5.6.1 available <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>. Some changes to menus structure. Update is suggested!!! :-)

  • Ices Eyes

    Ices Eyes - 2010-01-26

    Translation for version 5.6.6 is available here. :-)

    PS: hope the link is inserted correct this time :-P

  • Ices Eyes

    Ices Eyes - 2010-09-23
  • Ices Eyes

    Ices Eyes - 2010-11-08
  • Ices Eyes

    Ices Eyes - 2011-01-04

    Notepad++ 5.8.6
    Thanks to Francesco for a few reports ;)

  • Ices Eyes

    Ices Eyes - 2011-07-25

    Update for Notepad++ 5.9.3

    NOTE: to have the new "Recent file" sub-menu translated in the file menu, you have either to restart notepad or reload the language file after the selection of showing recent files in a sub-menu.

    Nota: per avere il sottomenù "Recent files" del menu file tradotto, dovete riavviare notepad++ o riselezionare la lingua italiana, dopo aver selezionato l'opzione di visualizzare i file recenti in un sottomenu.

  • Ices Eyes

    Ices Eyes - 2011-08-21

    Bug fix release of italian translation is here.
    Thanks to Massimiliano C. for the bug report :)

  • Bovirus

    Bovirus - 2011-10-11

    Please take care the also teh installer need a big improvemnts

    - The module to install (custom instalation) are in english
    - There is a window in the installer untranslated (it's in english)

    Possible improvemnts
    - Uninstall icon in program group.

    - Notepad Update. The window (No update) is in english as window title and window text.

  • Ices Eyes

    Ices Eyes - 2011-10-12

    Hi, and thanks for your feedbacks.
    By the way, we (as translators) could not translate the installation pack procedure or other things other than the main program. You should try to ask to DonHo for the improvements, in the open discussion forum section! :)

  • Bovirus

    Bovirus - 2011-10-12

    I think, that you as italian translator should propose the improvemnts that regarding italian language not only about GUI but also about any other aspect like the insttaller

  • Bovirus

    Bovirus - 2011-12-02

    Why also with and latest itaòlian language when I select "?" -> "Aggiorna Notepad++" appear sa small window with a title truncated (window is too small) and inside a text "No update available" that is not italian?

    Why when your run the installer during installation in italian language appear a window with many option in english (not translated)? Probably someone should revised the installer script.

  • Ices Eyes

    Ices Eyes - 2011-12-05

    Unfortunately, as I already told you, there are strings in the program, as those of almost all the message boxes, that are still non translatable, there is nothing we, as translators, can do for this. We already reported the thing to the program developer lot of times, and at the moment there we cannot do more than this. As for the installer, it is not translated by us, I  sincerely do not know how it works. Also this has been reported, but…

    You can try to open a thread in the discussions forum, maybe if other users complain about this, something will move, but remember that n++ is free and open source, so anyone can contribute to it, and/or it is normal that some features are missing, or something just does not work as you would like to ;)

  • Ices Eyes

    Ices Eyes - 2012-01-11

    Update for version 5.9.8

    Happy new year all ;)

  • Bovirus

    Bovirus - 2012-03-23

    Where can I downlaod the 6.0 RC for indows?

  • Ices Eyes

    Ices Eyes - 2012-03-26

    It's available for me, I can download it with no problems… :)
    By the way, N++ 6 has been released tonight ;)

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