highlight text like Lego blocks

  • Anonymous - 2012-10-20

    hello, I previously worked with very visual programming environments, where it is much faster to recognise different elements of the programme you are working on because they look different.

    I think it would be amazing to very subtly highlight different subroutines of a function in different background colours of the same shade, so that when the program a function with 4 or 10 nested loops, if statements, while statements, the programme highlights your entire notepad project according to the depth of the statements see can see them straightaway without hunting down brackets from a single glance, and you can recognise functions by their colour-code after having seen them once, jump straight to the line you know the appearance of, it would be amazing!

    is there another highlighting plug-in that I could edit? I would love to know how to do it! I'm a beginner!

    Function Foo(){
       highlight one color
         if(){highlight color2
           for(){highlight color3
              if (){hilghlight color4

  • Dave_Scream

    Dave_Scream - 2013-01-20

    very interesting idea! noone want to realize it(

  • Dave_Scream

    Dave_Scream - 2013-01-20

    guys, this is really the most wanted plugin I want.

    topic starter, can you please give screenshot explanation on your 'visual programming environment' ?

  • cchris

    cchris - 2013-01-22

    From what I understand, the point is to highlight code in different ways according to some sort of context (for instance, nesting depth), not just ro syntax rules you can apply by scanning text forward.

    Such highlighting is easy to apply when you parse code from top to bottom. A text editor styles a random range of full lines, so the context is mostly unavailable and require some sort of backtracking or line information persistent structure. And the persistent structure has to be updated as you type and edit.

    As interesting and useful as such visual helps are, they appear to me as outside the scope of a text editor. And, even if some could be integrated considering they are border cases, the performance penalty for other users may be challenging. Leave these enhancements to dedicated IDEs, where the performance of a text editor is not expected, but where such services are welcome or needed.



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