Request for Better Tab Management

  • grgfqhzzme

    grgfqhzzme - 2010-05-07

    I humbly apologize if this is posted in the wrong forum.

    Here is my situation: I open many files and keep them open. I provide application support, and have many configuration and batch files open. I maintain the internal website, and have many .(x)htm(l), css, js, xml, etc files open. I create some .NET scripts in Visual Studio but sometimes maintain the classes/global variables in npp (?! why because I want to, lol ?!) ,  I also have any number of other files open. In other words, I have a lot of tabs open. I would like to be able to group some of them together to clean up or otherwise compartmentalize my tasks. Parent/child tabs… Sub-tabs… Whatever you want to call it.

    Is there a better way or existing plugin to better manage tabs?

  • Dave Brotherstone

    Not to group / parent-child tabs as such, but there are a few options for help with managing lots of tabs…

    Window Manager and File Switcher are two that are worth a look at.

    Also take a look at the sessions feature (built in to n++), that allows you to "group" you tabs up and open groups of files at the same time, and easily switch between groups.



  • bossom

    bossom - 2013-06-29

    maybe addition request.
    imitate from browser firefox & addon:
    ctrl+page up = nearest previous tab
    ctrl+page up = nearest next tab

  • François-R Boyer

    @bossom, you can do it, and also have the ctrl-wheel, using an AutoHotkey script:

    #IfWinActive ahk_class Notepad++
    ^PgUp::      send {Browser_Back}     ; Switch one document tab left.
    ^WheelUp::   send {Browser_Back}     ; "
    ^PgDn::      send {Browser_Forward}  ; Switch one document tab right.
    ^WheelDown:: send {Browser_Forward}  ; "

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