New explorer plugin available

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  • Jens Lorenz

    Jens Lorenz - 2006-03-13

    Hello Notepad-User,

    a new plugin is available. I developed a
    little explorer. Now you could open files
    easiest with double click.

    In future versions there will be an
    extensions filter and docking available.


    • Bob

      Bob - 2007-04-10

      This plugin is great!

      Maybe it's an error in judgment but I have recently taken to using "My Network Places" as opposed to mapping tons of drives to all the servers I am accessing. I may be doing something wrong but I cannot get it to list files using this service.

      It also behaves strangely when I set a favorite using an UNC path too. If I set a shortcut to something like \\myserver\myshare\myfile.htm it'll save to the list but when I double click the shortcut it doesn't load and the plugin switches over to the Explorer tab.

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Network is currently not implemented. Sorry. It will be available in a later version. Until then, take the LiteExplorer by Jose. Download here:

        Best Regards

    • Don HO

      Don HO - 2006-03-17


      Here's the interface for session manager that I promised you.

      The User Interface of session manager should be :
      1. A set of roots (sessions) for each it contains a set of nodes (files of the session).
         The roots have the plus/minus sign to show/hide their nodes.

      2. User can load an existing session (ie. a session saved via the session manager),
         create a new empty session, add/remove files to/from a session and delete a session from the session manager.

      3. Probably, user can only load the files (by double clicking the nodes) without loading the whole session.
         but this feature is optional.

      According to the specification of UI of session manager above, I'll provide :

      a.   int WM_NBSESSIONFILES(0, [in]char *pathSessionFile)  // return number of files in this session
      b.   BOOL WM_GETSESSIONFILES([in]int sessionFile, [out]char **sessionFileArray) // TRUE successful, FALSE otherwise

      You can initialize your session manager with these 2 messages.

      c.   char * WM_SAVESESSION([in]int sessionFile, [in]char **sessionFileArray) // this message will launch a save file box.
      // return the full path name of saved session file. NULL if user click Cancel.
      // you can decide which file you want to save in the session (so you have to fill out the sessionFileArray)

      d.   char * WM_SAVECURRENTSESSION(0, 0) // this message will launch a save file box.
      // return the full path name of saved session file. NULL if user click Cancel.
      // the difference from the previous message for this one is Notepad++ get all the current opened files for you.

      so you can save the session by using these 2 messages.

      For removing the session from your session manager, you can just exclude the session file, or you can delete it.

      Voilà. I hope it's clear for you. If not, feel free to contact me for the further uestions/suggestions.


      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Explorer Plugin in npp3.6:

        HOW is the "Favourite"-tab to use ?
        I don't know!

        Can someone please explain this ? ;-)

        Thanks in advance!

        • Nobody/Anonymous

          Browse in the "Directories"-Tab to any folder and rightclick on it -> "add to Favouties"
          This folder is in the "Favourites"-Tab.

          • OpossumPetya

            OpossumPetya - 2006-05-30

            thanks for making this tool, its one usefull addidion.

            there's a little bug, though: if you have a subfolder selected, and you right click it's parent folder (w/o left clicking it first), and add to favourites - the subfolder will be added, not parent folder.

            N++ v3.6

            Ex: you have

            c:\ |
            + - Parent\ ..... |
            ..... +- subfolder\ .

            (1) navigate to "subfolder" and highlight it with left-click.
            (2) with "subfolder" highlighted, right click "Parent", and add...
            (3) observe in Fav. tab "subfolder" was added, not "parent"

            i've noticed the same behaviour with 2 subfolders once as well, but couldn't reproduce it. i think once you find the root cause of this, you may fix all similar issues.

            good luck, and thanks again

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Very useful! have you considered a browse mode where
      (a) the selection of a file opens the document.
      (b) A new selection closes the document.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Yes, I keep in mind! But therefore I need a new interface function from Don. WM_DOCLOSE will be nice ;).

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      A browse mode plus your extension filter would make a great tool.

      Good luck


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      This plugin is brilliant, simple and effective. I have been waiting for something like this for Notepad++ for ages. Good work!

      I really look forward to seeing the dockable version as this is the only down-side.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      May be my qestion is stuped, but i want knew.
      How to create MDI window in plugin???
      I try this code? but it's don't work.
      HWND wind = CreateWindow  (
              TEXT ("AnxJTest Class"),
              WS_CHILD | WS_BORDER,,
              0, 0, 166, 177,
              nppData._nppHandle, NULL, hInst, NULL)
         ShowWindow(wind, SW_SHOWDEFAULT);
      Please help me!

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Please send me an eMail. I will send you my sources or look into Notepad source.

        Best Regards

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Ugu, plugin is greate un usefull, BUT:

      1) Please, make in "shortcut mapper" the possibility to set the shortcut for plugins! Because sometimes it is more convinient to set, for example cntrl+"1" for "explorer" plugin, because it is "often-useful" plugin.

      2) For "favourites" it is better to do possibility to write down YOUR OWN "caption"
      (now the caption is the path of dir.), and another thing - icon change (now is a default folder icon). This two things are for better navigation and are very important for me.

      3) When the file is selected, make it available -open it by pressing the "Enter"!

      Special thanks for everybody who is participating in n++ development!


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Please send me an eMail. I will send you my sources or look into Notepad source.

      Best Regards

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      [quote] Please send me an eMail. I will send you my sources or look into Notepad source.  [/quote]

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Great plugin.
      Only problem I'm having is that on network drives the folders appear in some arbitrary order.
      I have no idea how it decides that since it doesn't seem to tie in with any other ordering I try on the network folders.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Together with the Explorer plugin, I think Notepad++ will now become my main source code editor. Great job! Especially if you at some point implement dockability for the plugin - will be unbeatable then.

      One suggestion, but it is a mere suggestion:

      Maybe you could add a second view mode for the file system view: make the windo whave two halves, the top one only showing folders, and the bottom one only showing the files inside the currently selected folder. While the combined presentation of files and folders has its advantages, a lot of people (including me ;-) ) probably are more used to folders and files being separated. So having a choice would be nice :-)

      And while we're at it: maybe you could give the explorer window a minimize button; having to right-click the title bar in order to minimize the window is a bit finicky, a simple button would work better.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      This thing is brilliant, adds a new dimension to notepad++ and makes it a lot easier to use - good job :)

      Another suggestion to throw on the pile:
      There is a  directories tab, a favourites tab and maybe a sessions tab on the way - would it be possible to add yet another tab, that provides some of the functionality of the 'Window > Windows...' dialog?

      The Windows dialog is useful for navigating between a lot of open documents, but a persistent docked list would be easier to use.

      Thanks again

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Good idea, I will ask Don therefore.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Great plugin!

      This is exactly what I have been looking for for years. I was using PSPad up to now, but it has some annoyances that slow down my workflow just a bit too much.

      This plugin does exactly what I need, just a simple explorer and the ability to isolate directories as a favorite. Thanks!

      I'd love to see the docking implemented, that would make it perfect.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      It would be good if it were possible for this plugin to support plugins. For example, the "function list" plugin could be on a tab of this plugin.

      I see that you also wrote the "function list"! 

      Thank you!

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Currently I implement a docking feature in Notepad++ for plugins. So you will be able to dock it where ever you want. But it will be not possible in the first version to add it in tabs.

        Best Regards

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Just out of curiosity: how's the progress on the Explorer plugin? Any progress on the docking functionality?

      Sorry for being impatient, keep up the good work.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Progress of docking is good. It commes up with version v4.0 of N++.


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