DSpellcheck - Yet another spell-checking plugin

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  • Tony G

    Tony G - 2013-11-21

    Thank you for this information! I was happy to learn how to bring back the arrow! My hand is partially paralyzed, and right-mouse clicking is difficult for me, so that little arrow is super helpful and I love it, thanks for the tip as I was missing my arrow after a recent upgrade and didn't know how to get it back :(. Thanks!

    • Predelnik

      Predelnik - 2013-11-21

      You're very welcome! I didn't except that anyone would find mode with arrow very useful, but your example is all the more reason to keep and support the old stuff as a possible option))

  • Predelnik

    Predelnik - 2013-09-01

    So after kinda long time without releases I've finally made release 1.2.8. The most significant change is the fact that default way of getting suggestions/adding,ignoring words now is through context menu.

    • Make context menu way of suggestion selection to be default one.
    • Update tool bar icon to be more commonly recognizable as spell-check icon.
    • Rename name of tool bar button / check box to more understandable "Spell Check Document Automatically"
    • Fix a bug of context menu showing additional items in it's sub-menu also.
    • Fix a bug of scrolling being blocked while mouse cursor on suggestion button.


  • Assimilater

    Assimilater - 2013-09-27

    Since the last update I've been having an issue where the context menu doesn't show the spelling suggestions. I'm not sure what information would help you diagnose it (though if you ask of me I'll gladly help diagnose it). At the very least I thought I should make you aware of it. Great plugin! Love it :)

    • Predelnik

      Predelnik - 2013-09-27

      Yeah I know about one quite horrible bug that if the word is already selected context menu will not work. It actually renders search for next/previous misspelling not very usable. I will release version to fix this very soon)
      Thank you for report, anyway))

  • Predelnik

    Predelnik - 2013-10-06

    New version, very little changes here, but bug about suggestion was surely serious.


    • Fix bug which stopped suggestions from appearing on context menu call if the word was already selected .
    • Make double quoted lines in php being checked.
    • Make plugin less conflicting with Quick Color Picker plugin.


  • Predelnik

    Predelnik - 2013-10-26

    One more bug fix release, some minor fixes are not mentioned in changelog.


    • Prevent suggestions from appearing in totally wrong places.
    • Make verbose Aspell reporting if error happened.


  • David

    David - 2013-11-15

    Developers pointed me here ( https://sourceforge.net/p/notepad-plus/bugs/4515/ ) . Not sure if this is the correct space.

    When you have in Notepad++ an email address such as noreply@comcast.net and you select it so is entirely gray and you right click (anywhere in it) to copy it, it moves your selection down to one word where you right clicked. Spell check is nice but when it changes the selection it is more annoying. In the end I have to select it and then press Ctrl-c to copy it out.

    Last edit: David 2013-11-15
    • Predelnik

      Predelnik - 2013-11-17

      Sorry about this, I knew about this bug for a while but was hesitating to release bugfix version hoping to find some more bugs to fix) Now I will do it right away though.

  • Predelnik

    Predelnik - 2013-11-17

    Just one more bug-fix version.


    • Fix wrong context menu behaviour when selection isn't empty.


    • Bill Fleming

      Bill Fleming - 2013-11-18

      I was having problems in NP++ where the right click context menu would not show up at all no matter what was or wasn't selected.
      This DSpellCheck update fixes the problem for me.

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