DSpellcheck - Yet another spell-checking plugin

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  • Predelnik

    Predelnik - 2013-05-16

    Another crash fix release sadly. If you were using Windows with Japanese encoding you should check it out.

    • Fix plugin's crash in some system default encodings.
  • Predelnik

    Predelnik - 2013-05-25

    Fixed little issues have been stockpiling on me and it became a little hard to maintain the old stable version, I've decided to release new one with a little bit of new features added.

    Most importantly, the bug described in https://sourceforge.net/p/notepad-plus/discussion/331753/thread/75469a65/ was fixed in this version. I strongly appreciate all the bug reports and ideas. There was a lot of bugs in my plugin and even though mostly they were detected and fixed sometimes I feel very nervous about all of it(

    So version 1.2.0:

    • Add possibility to download Hunspell dictionaries from common OpenOffice mirrors using plugin interface.
    • Add possibility to remove Hunspell dictionaries using plugin interface.
    • Add possibility to quickly change current language through Plugins->DSpellCheck->Change_Current_Language or corresponding hot key (initially Alt + D), also such items as "Download More Dictionaries", "Customize Multiple Dictionaries" and "Remove Unneeded Dictionaries" are also presented there.
    • Add resolving common Hunspell dictionaries names to more user friendly language names.
    • Now by Default Hunspell user dictionaries are stored separately, this could be turned to the way it was.
    • No more checking of words contained in hotlinks
    • Some minor bugs were fixed.

    THEVENOT Guy - 2013-05-25

    Hi, Sergey Semushin ( alias Predelnik )

    I just downloaded your last version of DSpellCheck ( ). Really awesome !
    It does look "professional" !

    I made a quick test about the column mode problem and no automatic selection occurs, as expected.

    I didn't think about words, glued in Internet links, but, indeed, it's better not to mark these words !

    Of course, I'll post any odd thing found, concerning DSpellCheck.

    Many thanks, again, for this excellent plug-in :)


    Last edit: THEVENOT Guy 2013-05-25
  • STW

    STW - 2013-05-28

    Can someone please explain (to a relative novice) how to change the DSpellCheck dictionary from en-GB (which is the default installed with N++ 6.3.3) to en-US? I do not see that as an available option in the plugin settings and am not sure how to go about finding/downloading/installing it. Thanks!

    • Predelnik

      Predelnik - 2013-05-28

      There 2 ways to go about this:
      1) You download ftp://gd.tuwien.ac.at/office/openoffice/contrib/dictionaries/en_US.zip (warning:it's over FTP), extract it to plugins/config/Hunspell directory, you need only two files en_US.dic and en_US.aff actually, so you may delete the rest. Restart N++ or go to plugins->DSpellCheck->settings and press apply and then choose en_US from plugins->DSpellCheck->settings in language combobox press ok and you have english(US) dictionary for spell checking.
      2) You download newer version of DSpellCheck(or wait for new N++ version :D ) as in the post earlier (http://goo.gl/vakNV) go to plugins->DSpellCheck->Change Current Language press "Download More Dictionaries...", wait a sec, find and check "English (United States)" in appeared dialog, press "Download Selected", wait for it to finish (should be relatively fast), then go to plugins->DSpellCheck->Change Current Language and you should be able to choose English (United States) language from there, or from settings, it doesn't matter. You can also use "Alt + D" combination to call for "Change Current Language" menu as context menu.

      • STW

        STW - 2013-05-28

        Perfect! Option #2 worked perfectly... Thanks for the quick reply!!!

  • Predelnik

    Predelnik - 2013-06-07

    I've made another minor release 1.21 with some little bugs fixed mostly:

    • Fix 1.2.0 specific bug that non-default encoding were causing some troubles (missing recheck) sometimes
    • Make that if scrollbar was moved because of user input, immediate recheck isn't being done.
    • Add support for using two dictionary Hunspell directories (by default one for all users, one for current only) and thus ability to remove and install dictionaries to/from these directories.
    • Optimize plugin performance on scrolling a little.
    • deluge

      deluge - 2013-06-12

      I have tested this amazing plugin DSpellcheck 1.21 and I have one bug report:

      Option "Set Multiple Languages" don't save settings correctly. Check or uncheck some languages and then check if settings are kept after restart of Notepad++

      • Predelnik

        Predelnik - 2013-06-12

        Thank you very much for the report, I fixed it in code, so with new version this bug will be fixed. Meanwhile you can just go to settings and press ok and settings will be saved.

  • Predelnik

    Predelnik - 2013-06-14

    I've made a new version (it's 2 versions in numbers but it doesn't matter that much)
    Rename Hunspell_Path setting in DSpellCheck.ini to User_Hunspell_Path to avoid some troubles.
    Make AutoCheck turned on by default.
    (because of that change, sadly, those who have spell-checker turned off will be having it turned on on next lunch, that's because of stupid way I decided to store settings, probably I'll change that way in the future)

    Fix bug with Multiple Languages settings not being saved when chosen from "Change Current Language" menu.
    Fix bug with incorrect delimiters while checking ANSI files if system default encoding is Japanese.
    * Add link to short online manual to plugin menu.

  • Predelnik

    Predelnik - 2013-06-19

    Some critical stuff was fixed, as well as some minor)

    • Make option "ignore words starting or ending with apostrophe" to be turned off by default (still it's recommend for Aspell users)
    • Add option to ignore apostrophe at the end of the words (turned on by default)
    • Fix wrong message and behaviour when Hunspell directory for dictionaries doesn't exist.
    • Restore work of multiple languages list for Aspell.
    • Fixed bug: if usage of multiple languages was not chosen, all the dictionaries for it were still loading at plugin start.
  • Kevin

    Kevin - 2013-06-19

    Thanks for the excellent plugin!

    I've set the plugin to display the suggestions in the N++ context menu. When I click on a misspelled word using the right mouse button, the suggestions appear in the menu as expected. However, if I use the context menu key on my keyboard, the suggestions do not appear. Is there any way to fix this issue?

    • Predelnik

      Predelnik - 2013-06-19

      Thank you, it seems like I get what you mean. I use mouse pointer position to determine current word, no matter, that you're using keyboard or mouse. But it looks like is better to use cursor(caret) position which is changed when you're doing right click anyway. At least browsers behave like that too, so I believe I'll change it in next version. Thank you for your report!

      Last edit: Predelnik 2013-06-19
  • Predelnik

    Predelnik - 2013-06-24

    Time to release 1.2.5 version, quite a lot of stuff was fixed because of decent amount of reports (which is amazing) and some new features were added (with new bugs to come :) ). Special thanks to Yuriy Chernyshov for reporting a lot of bugs.


    • Fix some important issues connected with removing and downloading new dictionaries.
    • Fix suggestions missing in multiple languages in some cases.
    • Fix hotspot not being detected in some cases.
    • Tool bar icon for Auto-check document menu item was added.
    • Crash with usage of some dictionaries was fixed (i.e. Bulgarian)
    • Separate network operations to different thread so timeouts will not interfere with plugin work.
    • Fix one letter words ignoring for UTF-8 encoding in some cases.
    • Initial ability to use proxy for ftp downloading.
    • Option for ignoring apostrophe at the end of the word now is ignoring apostrophes at the beginning also. (thus renamed)
    • Determination of current word for context menu suggestion mode is now based on caret position rather than mouse position
    • Defaults delimiters updated a little.
    • Fixed bug: focus wasn't being restored after using menu from suggestions button
    • Fixed bug: in multiple language selection dialog - some languages could be corresponding to other languages actually.
  • Predelnik

    Predelnik - 2013-07-02

    Sorry, didn't write anything about the plugin's version which came with newest Notepad++ version. There's not very much changes though:

    • Fix Doxygen line comments being not checked in c++/c files
    • Fix Aspell working without English installed.
    • Fix Aspell not updating it's status correctly sometimes.
    • Restore plugin's work on old (prior to sp2) windows XP systems.
    • Fix long lag of suggestion box on windows xp systems (at least it certainly appeared on virtual machines).
    • Rise stability a little bit.


    Looks like there's a crash happening on notepad++ exit for some users caused by the plugin, if you experience this please write about it here or send me an e-mail about this (to predelnik@gmail.com).

  • Predelnik

    Predelnik - 2013-07-02
    Previous crash was found and fixed, thanks to everyone who reported it and helped me to investigate it.

    • Fix crash on Notepad++ exit in some cases.
    • Fix Aspell multiple languages not being correctly updated


  • deluge

    deluge - 2013-07-05

    I have another bug report:

    • open a new tab in Notepad++
    • write some random characters at the beginning of the document, for example: "dfjbvebnbvrxd", but don't press space bar at the end
    • open Windows Task Manager
    • see how Notepad++ utilizes full power of one CPU core
    • Predelnik

      Predelnik - 2013-07-05

      Thank you very much for the report! Though it's a partially the fail on old Scintilla's side, I'll fix it right away.

  • Dmitry Katsubo

    Dmitry Katsubo - 2013-07-10

    I have another bug report:

    Spellchecker does not skip characters which are not letters in unicode. For example → (right arrow) and × (multiplication sign) are treated as words and are underlined.

    • Predelnik

      Predelnik - 2013-07-11

      Yeah well for now I use fixed amount of separating symbols, you can specify them in DSpellCheck->settings->advance->delimiters and add the ones you're interested in(at least as a temporary solution).

      The reasons why I don't ignore all non-letter ones are: well at least at early stages of development it was easier, it's hard to say is it letter or not for UTF-8, non-unicode symbols (though I guess no one needs them so it's not very relevant), there are symbols which shouldn't be ignored such as apostrophe, probably '_' (better to ignore whole words containing such symbol, 'cause they are most likely variable names). The best solution seems to be - to add option to skip all non-letter with exception of specified symbols (by default apostrophe and '_' ). I'll probably change it in the next version.

      Last edit: Predelnik 2013-07-11
  • Predelnik

    Predelnik - 2013-07-17

    v1.2.7 - not so much but maybe it will fix a few things for you

    • Fix cpu consuming bug when file doesn't have any line ends.
    • Update default delimiters
    • Make suggestion button never being drawn outside of editor window
    • Make apostrophes at the beginning or in the end of words (if corresponding option is turned on) not being underlined and not being affected by replacing word through suggestions
    • Make multi-line strings in python being checked.
    • Make selection disappear after word is being added to dictionary or ignored.
    • Fix that focus is now restored correctly to editor window after usage of suggestion button.


  • Derek Ma

    Derek Ma - 2013-08-17

    Just a suggestion for how the auto-correct menu could be improved:

    The little drop down arrow that shows up whenever a misspelled word is highlighted feels out of place. The auto-correction menu could be implemented in a better way.

    IMO it would be better to show the auto-correct options in the right click menu, when right clicking a misspelled word. This would be much more streamlined, and it is also how Firefox does it.

    Also posted here: https://sourceforge.net/apps/ideatorrent/notepad-plus/ideatorrent/idea/655/

    • Predelnik

      Predelnik - 2013-08-18

      Well the first thing - this mode could be enabled through current plugin options, though honestly it has one little bug which is yet to be fixed (actually it's fixed but fix is yet to be released):
      Context Menu
      Though it sill obviously leaves a question - which should be default mode? When I've made it possible to use context menu, I left the initial mode as a default one mostly because of these reasons:
      1) The way to add custom stuff to fixed context menu in current plugin's API have some resemblance to a hack, but actually since that time it became a little bit more clean on my side (still using subclassing though)
      2) Spell-checkers for Visual Studio mostly use similar kind of interface for calling that kind of menu, but probably it is caused by the fact that normal context menu in VS already has a huge number of items, so adding something more there seems to be unreasonable. In Notepad++ this menu is not so big, so probably it's OK.
      3) Well there wasn't many complaints about it, that's the first one, so I can't be sure what to do about it, after all I don't have some kind of big audience to use poll or something like that to decide)) Argument that this stuff is being put to context menu in all browsers and all office programs is sure solid reason though.
      I'll think about it.

      • Derek Ma

        Derek Ma - 2013-08-19

        Oh now I feel dumb, I should've dug around the menus a bit more before posting that.

        Btw what's the bug?

        • Predelnik

          Predelnik - 2013-08-19

          The bug is that all of those additional items (for suggestions and adding to dictionary) are being added to sub-menus of context menu also and if you switch through sub-menus you can add infinite number of them to the menu. That's such a lame bug but I've never used much context menu in N++ let alone sub-menus in it, so I noticed such behaviour pretty recently :D

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