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  • Nov.Ice

    Nov.Ice - 2005-09-27

    Hi there,

    already wrote this in open discussion without getting any feetback...

    what do you think about a bar where you can quickly switch the opened file?

    on the left site of n++ you get all editable files of an selected folder listet.

    file1.txt    |    Text text text text
    file2.xml   |   text text text text
    file3.csv   |   text text text text

    after clicking on file2.xml the file opens in the edit window. clicking on file3.csv closes file2.xml and opens file3.csv.
    including the option if you want to save without being asked.

    this would make it much easier to edit a large amount of files. (for translating for example)

    waiting for your replies

    • Chris Severance

      Chris Severance - 2006-01-18

      There's a lot of code reengineering to provide all this functionality and I don't know if Don is working on it. All plugins can get so far is the list of filenames in tabs.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Can't you just open the files and switch the tabs?

      I can be wrong, but I think what you ask is a very individual request, don't think it could be useful for the rest of the users.

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        If you have to change a lot of files (not only replace...) then this is very useful.

        There is a tool called Textview from the Notepad2 developer which only show you the text. But it's a good example...

        Have a look at:


    • Chris Severance

      Chris Severance - 2005-10-09

      A plugin won't be able to do that until we get more Notepad++ messages so we can control, list, load, save, and close files. Scintilla is built to be controlled from other programs so the message system is fairly complete. Not so with Notepad++.

      • Nov.Ice

        Nov.Ice - 2005-10-17

        ... which means at least: If there isn't someone (let's say Don :-) who includes that into npp, i won't geht that feature. right?
        Now I'm sad. Bye. I'm going to cry a lil' bit now.


        • Paulius

          Paulius - 2005-10-17

          Now, i'm starting to dream about this functionality too. I wrote 15 C++ classes, thats 30 files (one .h and one .cpp file per class), so when i open all of them... I think you get it.
          I think it is possible to implement this. You can analyze npp source code - you will find one header file full of defines for each menu entry in npp - those are ids to be used with WM_COMMAND message. So, you CAN instruct Notepad++ to close/open file. You can also override Notepads session handlers (thats two ids for loading and saving session) - et voila! you have a project manager + quick file selection from the project source.

          I don't have time at this moment to implement this myself, but i did a little investigation of Notepad++ behaviour. I found out, that you can add as many attributes to the existing tags in the session file, you can also add your own tags there - it will not affect notepads ability to load the session file - your additions will simply by ignored (if, say, your plugin is dissabled or missing on the system). And if there is your plugin active - it would take over, the session loading or saving.

          I think you get the idea... :)

          • Don HO

            Don HO - 2005-10-17

            Then I'll add the plugin messages to control the file list.
            I will try to add them in the v3.3, otherwise, they'll be in the v3.4.


    • Chris Severance

      Chris Severance - 2005-11-09

      >So, you CAN instruct Notepad++ to close/open file

      I can instruct N++ to bring up the Open File Dialog but I can't tell N++ to open a file into a new tab, nor can I look at all the tabs to see if any of them already have the file open.

      Close File probably works just fine.

      > Then I'll add the plugin messages to control the file list.

      Like Scintilla, they should be messages we send to N++ and get a response. For example, to implement "Load file" you would break up the code in the current Load File menu item. Instead of putting up the dialog box then loading the file, you would put up the dialog box then send a message to N++ with the filename the user selected which would the file in a new tab. That allows anyone including plugins and other programs to have the same capability that N++ does. We can all bring up the dialog then send the selected file name to N++ to be opened.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hey Chris,

      any progress so far?
      somehow i just can't wait :-D



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