dave-user - 2012-10-17

Version 3.2 of Customize Toolbar has been released.

The main new features:

   -  The 'Custom Buttons' feature now always works with menu commands in other plugins.
  -   The checked states of all toolbar buttons are now synchronized with the checked states of the corresponding menu items.

Version 3.2  is fully backwards compatible with the previous version (3.1).

Both ANSI and Unicode variants are available for download at:

- https://sourceforge.net/projects/npp-customize/files/Customize%20Toolbar%20v3.2/CustomizeToolbar_3_2_ANSI.zip/download

- https://sourceforge.net/projects/npp-customize/files/Customize%20Toolbar%20v3.2/CustomizeToolbar_3_2_UNI.zip/download

New features, changes and fixes in Version 3.2:

  -  New: All toolbar button checked states are now synchronized with corresponding menu item checked states.
  -  New: An error message tooltip is added to a custom button if menu strings are not found.

  -  Chg: Updated guidance information in custom buttons enabled message.
  -  Chg: Empty lines in .btn configuration file are now ignored.
  -  Chg: Clarified example custom button definitions in automatically created .btn configuration file.

  -  Fix: Custom Buttons feature now always works with menu commands in other plugins.