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BBCode Plugin

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi all,

    I have to confess my newbishness at this time when dealing with plugins and so forth, but is there one that allows the use of BBCode Editing, or a language plugin, that I can use to edit BBCode with Notepad++ more effectively than the M$ Notepad?

    • FTE

      FTE - 2009-04-17

      Hi, may you give me an example, I mean: could you post your source code please?
      Thank you

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      You can define you own language file for bbcode the only problem is that BBcode aren't globally accepted standard . Put a link to the BB rules you need highlighting for.
      Jens Chr. True

      • Lurkily

        Lurkily - 2009-04-17

        I've begun trying to sort out a BBcode standard of my own.  Problem is, I can't use bracketed items as part of a folder.  For instance, I cannot make a list that starts with [list] and ends with [/list] collapsible.  The only thing I've really accomplished is to bold everything between the [ and ] characters, so that codes are clearly highlighted.

        The particular standard I'm trying to work on is here:

      • FTE

        FTE - 2009-04-17

        Hi, may you give me an example, I mean could you post the your source code please?
        Thank you.