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Hex editor

  • iycgtptyarvg

    iycgtptyarvg - 2009-09-25

    After having used Ultra-Edit for about 5 years, I thought I'd give Notepad++ a chance. Being a C++/Asm developer, I am extremely impressed with the options.
    The only problem I have is that I don't know how to go to hex mode. Did I miss something? Do I need to download a plug-in for it?

    Without a hex editor, I will be forced to go back to Ultra-Edit, which would be very unfortunate. Please inform.

  • Dave Brotherstone

    There is a hex editor plugin, that works very well indeed.  There have been known to be some stability issues, but the latest release fixes a lot of them.

    If you're on Notepad++ 5.5 unicode, you'll probably have the plugin manager, so you can just install it from there (Plugins, Plugin Manager, Show Plugin Manager, tick hex editor, install).  If not, then you can grab the hex editor from either the npp-plugins project ( or the wiki page (

    If you're into C++, it'd be really nice to see you involved in development too ;)



  • iycgtptyarvg

    iycgtptyarvg - 2009-09-25

    Dear Dave,

    You are a life saver. In fact, the plug-ins manager did not list the invaluable hex editor. I downloaded it from the link you supplied. This allows me to replace Ultra-Edit. Wonderful!

    Yes, I'm indeed a C++ developer. I will work with Notepad++ for a while to get as familiar with it as I now am with the Ultra-Edit and MS Visual Studio editors. If I find any bugs or caveats, I'll download the source code and see what I can do about it.

  • Dave Brotherstone

    Just FYI, the plugin manager will show you hex editor (and a few others) if you enable showing unstable plugins - just change the setting under the settings button.

    Hopefully soon all the issues with hex editor will be resolved, it's certainly one of my favourites.