Session Management/Project support

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I have been using Komodo for a few years now to develop Unix and PHP projects.  After looking at notepad++, I've found that I really enjoy using it and would love to use it instead of Komodo.  However, the major barrier to adopting it happens to be session management.  I believe donho and jenslorenz were working on a basic project group/session management plugin.  Is there a beta version available to play around with or contribute to?  Thanks :)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Currently not. I release in the next week a new plugin. This takes a lot of time.
      After it I would implement another feature that are on top of the wishlist.

      Better docking support for Explorer- and FunctionList Plugin. But this feature isn't only for those plugins. Other plugin developer could use it, too.

      After this, I implement at first the session manager in explorer plugin. I promise you!