Hex-Editor v0.9.5 available

  • Jens Lorenz

    Jens Lorenz - 2009-09-10

    Hello Notepad++ users,

    I changed a lot of stuff to fixes all known bugs and restrictions. Here the change-log:

    09/09/09 v0.9.5 :
    Fix: Menu of Npp++ isn't displayed properly after using hex [NPP-P-B-2799622]
    Fix: HEX v0.9.3 forgets scroll position when switching tabs [NPP-P-B-2721661]
    Fix: "Repleace" misspell in HEX-Editor plugins Help dialog [NPP-P-B-2351008]
    Fix: Opening a file from outside with enabled Hex-Mode cause graphic issues.
    Fix: "Go to another view" causes a crash if no document is opened.
    Fix: Compare has no limitations anymore.
    Fix: Bookmark color wasn't stored.
    Fix: Restriction of Simple Compare removed.
    Fix: Paste of data into combo box of Find dialog doesn't work in ANSI/HEX mode
    New: Changed Bookmark style.
    New: Shortcuts for Undo, Redo, Copy, Cut, Paste and Select All are now in sync
    with the Notepad++ shortcuts.

    Here the link:

    Have fun

    • Jocelyn Legault

      Jocelyn Legault - 2009-09-10

      This new version makes me quite happy!



    • Ivan.Zhang

      Ivan.Zhang - 2009-09-11

      It's greate, thank you for your effort:)

    • cchris

      cchris - 2009-09-11

      I cannot reproduce the freeze on switching to the View menu, and the throbbing of Edot and Search is gone indeed.

      However, if both view are visible and you go into PosyIt mode, without even activating View in Hex mode, Notepad++ reliably puffs out with an Asterisk system sound. No exception. However it remains in memory and eats CPU, without any task bar button left. Only killing using task manager cures this. When Notepad++ is then reopened, is it is still in Post-It mode. F12 makes it disappear again. Kill using task manager, and now you can restart peacefully.

      From experimenting with various wallpapers with flashy colours, it appears that HexEditor chokes when redrawing the window, which is dismissed and redrawn when transitioning between normal and Post-It mode. Renaming the dll into .dl make the issue instantly disappear, s the plugin is definitely involved.

      Full screen mode is less stressful: you can go into fullscren normally, but Notepad++ shuts down on the way back, with an Asterisk and nothing else. At least it reopens normally then.

      I happen to never use these F11/F12 modes, so everything else is fine.


    • cchris

      cchris - 2009-09-11

      Our of curiosity I checked whether any interference with FunctionList might be involved. The answer is negative - with HexEditor and without FL, the issue remains. However, the memory fooprint dropped from 114Mo to 21Mo by not loading FL. I wonder if this is expected.


      • Jens Lorenz

        Jens Lorenz - 2009-09-11

        It there somebody out who can compile a version of HexEditor with the latest version of VisualStudio? I have the problem with PostIt just sometimes. The issue vanishes when I recompile the HexEditor.

        Best Regards

    • cchris

      cchris - 2009-09-11

      Your compiler settings seem more permissive than mine…

      I installed VS2010 beta, it choked on converting the .vcproj, but I got a build started.
      Ignored a ton of warnings about deprecated functions, fixed undeclared 'i' loop counters, fixed ambiguous overload issues assigning 'abs(whatever)' to a var of type INT.

      Now I am left with a couple errors like thsi

      1>c:\freesurf\hexeditor_0_9_5_src\hexeditor\src\hexdialog.cpp(3930): error C2664: 'std::_Vector_iterator<_Myvec> std::vector<_Ty>::erase(std::_Vector_const_iterator<_Myvec>)' : cannot convert parameter 1 from 'tBkMk *' to 'std::_Vector_const_iterator<_Myvec>'
      1>          with
      1>          [
      1>              _Myvec=std::_Vector_val<tBkMk,std::allocator<tBkMk>>,
      1>              _Ty=tBkMk
      1>          ]
      1>          and
      1>          [
      1>              _Myvec=std::_Vector_val<tBkMk,std::allocator<tBkMk>>
      1>          ]
      1>          No constructor could take the source type, or constructor overload resolution was ambiguous

      which I am not sure how ro handle.


    • Dave Brotherstone

         Great work! Really glad this is still in development. It does seem much better, and compare works!

      I'm getting a hang though if I click the view menu while viewing a file in hex.  I've not looked into it at all, other than being able to reliable reproduce it - if you can't reproduce it let me know and i'll have an investigate.

      Thanks again, this is a really great plugin.


  • Jens Lorenz

    Jens Lorenz - 2009-09-11

    Hy Chris,

    this stores just the user bookmarks in a list. I think you can comment it out for the first time. If you are successfully you can provide me the sources and I will do a lot more of investigation to get rid of the errors.

    .Thanks in advance

  • cchris

    cchris - 2009-09-11

    Well, I'm not sure whether this is a success….

    After building HexEditor using VS2010, going to PostIt mode cuauses Notepad++ to puff out; it no longer remains in memory. Still no exception report.

    Going back from fullscreen mode still crashes, but this time with a .dmp on an access violation. May I send this to your SF alias?


  • DrK

    DrK - 2009-09-12

    I am having problems with Find in this (and previous) version of Hex-Editor.  I am using Vista 64-bit.

    I opened N++'s own executable (V5.4.3 Unicode) in N++ and then used this plugin to display it in hex.

    I unchecked options (Wrap & Transparency), checked option 'Match case', set Direction = Down and Display = Bottom.

    First, I searched for hex value '44 65 66 61 75 6c 74',  then for ANSI string 'Default' (which is the same as the above hex value) and then for the Unicode string 'Default'.

    The hex value/ANSI values are at offsets: 0x000d5c47 and 0x000d88a0. The there are 9 places containing the Unicode value '44 00 65 00 66 00 61 00 75 00 6c 00 74 00' (according to Hex-Editor when searching the hex value).


    1. The "Wrap around" check box value is ignored. I have it unchecked and it just continues at the beginning of the file after finding the last one going down.

    2. Even though I had set item to find as the Unicode String 'Default', it only found the 2 ANSI copies and not the 9 Unicode copy of this string.

    3. If I specify the "Data type" as hex with a value of '44 65 66 61 75 6c 74', on changing to "Data type" of ANSI, it replaces the 'Find what' string by 'Default".  However, if I set the hex string to '44 00 65 00 66 00 61 00 75 00 6c 00 74 00', on changing "Data type" to Unicode String, the field "Find what" string is cleared.

    I can't seem to find a Unicode string unless I enter it via Hex.



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