• MrGneissGuy

    MrGneissGuy - 2009-07-13

    Hey, where did the hex editor plugin go?  I just went to upgrade and now no more hex editor?  It's one of the main reasons I use N++


    • Jocelyn Legault

      Jocelyn Legault - 2009-07-13

      My feeling is that it was removed from the distro because it was unstable.  You can still find it here:


      • cchris

        cchris - 2009-08-25

        Joce: could you elaborate and reassess?

        v 0.9.2 was unstable indeed . Many issues were fixed in the two ensuing releases. The only problem I'm aware of in 0.9.4 is the crash when using F11/F12 with both views enabled. Any other lingering instability?


        • Jocelyn Legault

          Jocelyn Legault - 2009-08-27

          Last I tried, comparing two (large) binaries would lead to a crash within 10-15 minutes.
          I don't know what version, and I don't have access to my dev machine atm, so I can't tell you what version I'm currently using. I'll update you tomorrow on that detail.

    • Paraglider

      Paraglider - 2009-07-16
    • Rodney Beede

      Rodney Beede - 2009-07-29

      It'd be nice if it was included by default again in the distribution so I didn't have to install it manually.

      • Jocelyn Legault

        Jocelyn Legault - 2009-07-29


        Someone needs to dig in this plugin to figure out why it's so unstable and fix it before this happens.
        Anybody volunteers for that?  I'm rather busy atm.


    • Steve Morlock

      Steve Morlock - 2009-08-31

      Within the last couple of days I attempted to use the hex editor plugin with both the ANSI & UNICODE Notepad++ v5.4.5 without success.  This included several different versions of the HexEditor plugin, including the latest.  The problems include: displaying the content of the wrong file (opened in another buffer), displaying no contents, inability to scroll, inability to copy/paste, losing the entire contents of the buffer, etc.  It is so unstable on my system (a one week old Windows XP SP3 system with all service packs in place), that it is difficult to describe all the problems.



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