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Don HO
  • Don HO

    Don HO - 2005-09-24

    XML Checker made by Morbac Schmoelmol is available on Notepad++ Download page :

    here's a part of readme.txt :

         XML Syntax Checker - Notepad++ plugin - v1.0

    This plugin is an Expat-based XML syntax checker for Notepad++
    v3.1 and following. If enabled, it performs a XML syntax check
    AFTER each file save. This means that your data is saved first
    by Notepad++ and then xml syntax is controlled.  A message box
    is displayed if parser finds error in the xml data.


    • Nov.Ice

      Nov.Ice - 2005-11-08

      After installing the latest NPPTextFX Plugin i get the following messagesbox when opening NPP:

      "FuncItems" array is not set correctly


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Does it work for Notepad++ v3.3?  Whenever I open the notepad++, an error box is popped up saying:

      "Missing messageProc" function.

      This plugin is not compatible with current version of Notepad++.
      Remove this plugin from the plugin directory if you don't want to see this message on the next launch time.

      There is no other plugins installed.

      • Don HO

        Don HO - 2005-11-14

        Yes, the new version of this plugin is not yet available.
        I'll modify it and recompile it as I have time.


        • Nobody/Anonymous

          does it provide support for xml validation against DTD/scheme (local/remote)  ?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I've updated the plugin source and rebuilt it. The new v.3.3-compatible release of the plugin is available here:
      (contains source + release)


      • Don HO

        Don HO - 2005-11-19


        I just test your xml checker plugin with n++ v3.3,
        it works fine.

        I would like to know the number version of this release so that I can make it available and update the Download page.

        Thanx in advance.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thank you very much, morbac.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      ... a number version for the plugin ?? euhhhh... actually it does not have any !! lol ;)
      So let's say it is the "build 33" (by chance it corresponds to the revision number on my subversion repository ;)

      ... and thanks to YOU for your great job !


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Still working with npp 3.5?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      A new release of XML Check has been released. Actually it has been renamed in "XML Tools" since new functions are available.

      New plugin (version 1.1, revision 46) is available here:

      Here is an explanation of new plugin features:

      This plugin is a small set of userful tools for editing XML code
      with Notepad++ v3.3 and following. The plugin features are:

        - XML syntax Check
        - XML tag autoclose
        - Pretty print
        - Current XML Path
        - Conversion XML <-> Text
        - Comment/Uncomment

      XML Syntax Check
      If enabled, it performs a XML syntax check AFTER each file save.
      This means that your data is saved first by  Notepad++  and then
      XML syntax is controlled.  A message box is  displayed if parser
      finds error in the XML data.
      The editor  automatically  goes  to line which is  referenced in
      error message.

      XML tag autoclose
      Automatically adds closing tags during typing. The function uses
      same code than Insertion plugin  available on Notepad++ download
      page. It has been added to  XML Tools plugin  to avoid having to
      add tons of plugins when one only want to edit XML source.

      Pretty print
      Re-indent XML code automatically depending on nodes level. There
      are actually two variants of Pretty print function:
        - Pretty print (XML only) will only reindent lines which
          start with XML tag
        - Pretty print (Text indent) will perform same work than
          previous one, but will also re-indent text.
      The function is lightly  different that XMLSpy's pretty print in
      the  sense it  doesn't  reorganise lines :  the function doesn't
      delete white lines like XMLSpy does.

      Current XML Path
      Opens a dialog box indicating the path of current node. The path
      is also copied into clipboard.

      Conversion XML <-> Text
      Converts XML to text by translating the  '<' and '>'  characters
      into '&lt;' and '&gt;'. The reverse operation is also available.
      Note that conversion is performed on current selection only.

      Comment / Uncomment
      One of most  constraining thing  in XML is comments.  While most
      other languages support  several syntax  for comments,  XML only
      uses  <!-- and -->  to define starting and ending comment blocs.
      Therefore it is not possible to  comment a  portion of XML which
      already contains a comment.
      The  Comment and Uncomment  functions have been design to bypass
      this limitation.  The function automatically transforms existing
      comments so they are not recognized by XML parsers:
        - <!-- is converted into <![x]** where x is a value
          corresponding to comment level
        - --> is converted into **[x]> where x is a value
          corresponding by comment start converted tag
      Note that  Comment/Uncomment  is performed  on current selection

      Hope you'll enjoy


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