tike - 2014-02-19


I've just released Version 1.1 of the GOnpp plugin. Several minor fixes to improve the user experience (we all know it's alloways the small glitches, that hurt the most...). Amongst other things, the focus is now set back exactly to where you worked before invoking GOnpp's methods and the localisation of the go installation is more flexible.

I've updated the information on the plugin manager accordingly and as soon as the development/testing plugin.xml is updated, I'll give it a last check (after the numerous ones during development).

source - https://github.com/tike/GOnpp (GPL)
binaries - https://sourceforge.net/projects/gonpp (for those who can't wait)

Is there a shedule available by now for the next public update of plugin.xml?
It would really help me, so I could taylor my development plan to it.

Thanks for all your efforts,
especially Dave, you are doing a good job!