JSMinNpp: 1.11 Released

Sun Junwen
  • Sun Junwen

    Sun Junwen - 2013-01-05

    Hi, everyone.
    I have released new version of JSMinNpp 1.12
    What's New
    Fix a bug in JSON Viewer.
    Update JsonPP.
    Fix “unexpect space” of JSLint.
    Add an option to keep indent in empty line.
    Fix “finally” bug.
    Change project site to http://sunjw.us/jsminnpp/

    Because sf.net is very slow in China some times, JSMinNpp will be moved to google code completely soon.
    So, download it from google code:


  • Sun Junwen

    Sun Junwen - 2013-01-05

    Sorry for the wrong title.
    Actually is 1.12 Released