Damien LEVEQUE - 2013-01-08

This is my source code of the file PluginDefinition.cpp :
ShortcutKey ShortsKey[] = {{true,false,false,VK_F12},{true,false,false,VK_F11},{true,false,true,VK_F11}};
setCommand(0, TEXT("Check In"), checkIn, &ShortsKey[0], false);
setCommand(1, TEXT("Check Out"), checkOut, &ShortsKey[1], false);
setCommand(2, TEXT("Check Out (force)"), checkOutForce, &ShortsKey[2], false);

I don't understand why this code not work and why when I start notepad++ I didn't see this shortcut in my plugin's menu. Can you help me ?

At one time, I have define only 2 elements in the var ShortsKey and I had on the "Check Out" the shortcut Ctr+Alt+unlisted