FingerText (A new snippet plugin)

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  • Rob Graham

    Rob Graham - 2011-11-16

    Never mind.  Of course, if I had just read the hint in the editor view, I would have realized that "Lang:Python" would do everything I wanted.  Brilliant!

  • erinata

    erinata - 2011-11-25

    I am glad that you got the solution. You can also use | to do "multiple scope.   For example if you want a snippet to be available to both Python and Ruby, you can enter    Lang:PYTHON|Lang:RUBY   into the scope.

  • erinata

    erinata - 2011-12-29

    FingerText 0.5.49

    Notice that your settings file will be reset when update. This is necessary because the old settings file is starting to cause problems.

    The important thing in this update is. The scope names are finalized.

    There are 4 kinds of scopes. "Ext" "Name" "Lang" "GLOBAL". So if you want your snippet to be available when the file extension is cpp, you should use "Ext:cpp" (without quotes). If you want the snippet to be available when the file name is Makefile, use "Name:Makefile". If you want the snippet to be available when the language choice in Notepad++ is C++, use "Lang:CPP". If you want the snippet to be available anywhere, use "GLOBAL".

    The old ".cpp" ".py" ".html"…. scopes will be kept for backward compatibility until version 0.7 or even later.

    For convenience, fingertext will be aware of scope association. It means that when your language choice is CPP, not only the "Lang:CPP" snippets will be available, the "Ext:cpp" and "Ext:h" snippets will be available automatically. But notice that to benefit from this, you need to use the new scope name "Ext:cpp" instead of the old names.

    Also now you can put multiple scope in snippet editor. Say if you put Lang:CPP|Lang:C in scope, the snippets will be save into both Lang:CPP and Lang:C scopes.

  • billsey1

    billsey1 - 2012-02-17

    Great plugin, filling the gap that has existed after Quicktext development trailed off.

    Suggested feature:
    Trigger Text - allow some Non-alphanumeric characters (specifically: period, hyphen, underscore)

    This will allow Prepending, which I have used in Quicktext to group related snippets together. For example:

    Currently: red, blue, orange, all appear scattered alphabetically in the snippets list
    With a non-alphanumeric character included:

    I find this a very powerful organizing tool, and I recommend adding this as a feature, if possible. Thanks again!

  • erinata

    erinata - 2012-02-19

    Thanks. I think you can use underscore in trigger text. But remember that the first letter of the triggertext has to be alphanumeric.

    So color_red  color_blue color_orange should work.

    I am considering allowing hyphen and forward slash in future releases.  But I will not add period because many object oriented programming lang use "dot syntax" and allowing period in triigertext will prevent people from triggerring snippet after a period.

  • erinata

    erinata - 2012-03-15

    FingerText 0.5.55

    The most important update in this version is, you can add $[00] to indicate the "final caret position" of your snippet. It's a position where your caret will arrive after you navigate through all the hotspots.

    If $[00] is not found it will be automatically added to the snippet when it's triggered. So all current snippets are compatible.

    New keywords are added for example (key)LASTOPTION and (key)LASTLISTITEM will yield the previously chosen (opt) and (lis) items. Therefore you can just choose from one list box and have the choice populated to several places in your snippet.

    (key)DIRECTORY now takes a parameter. You can use $[!!] if you want to have D:\\DIRECTORY\\FOLDER instead of D:\DIRECTORY\FOLDER

    Maximum number of escape chars is now 20.

    When a list box item is chosen, the caret will automatically navigate to the next hotspot.

    Thanks for all the bug reports and feature requests. ^_^

  • Anh Huy Nguyen

    Anh Huy Nguyen - 2012-03-17

    Hi erinata, thanks for making this plugin, I've been playing around with FingerText and I really like it, it's a powerful snippet plugin for Notepad++

    I have a suggestion: add a Display Name for snippet, and use that name in Snippet List instead of TextTrigger (or let user choose what to use), it will help a lot in organizing group of snippets

  • erinata

    erinata - 2012-03-18

    Thanks for your suggestion, Display Name has always been requested. I am still figuring out how to fit is into the current snippet database structure though. Hope that this limitation won't bother you a lot

  • erinata

    erinata - 2012-03-18

    FingerText 0.5.58

    The most important things in this release are:
    - Fingertext will no longer add a "final caret location ($[00]) automatically unless it's necessary.
    - default hotkey for insertion dialog changed to alt+/

    Also there are a bunch of fixes concerning errors when hotspots are located at the beginning of the document.

  • brinman

    brinman - 2012-03-23

    Holy crap man!  Erinata, I am just so happy to have discovered your plugin.  Amazing, amazing, amazing!
    Can you tell I'm excited?  :)

    Thank you SOOOOOO much!

    Where can I donate?  I've donated to notepad++ (at least I think I did.. I've donated to a few different projects), I'd like to donate to show my gratitude for your efforts with this extremely awesome plugin.

    Thanks again

  • erinata

    erinata - 2012-03-24

    Thanks a lot.

    I am glad that many people say they want to donate. I guess I can get a donation button later…….. although it's not my priority now.

    For now, they best way to "donate" is to write a review and thumb up in the Fingertext Sourceforge page, tell your friends about fingertext, and most importantly, use fingertext and make more snippets!! ^_^

  • brinman

    brinman - 2012-03-26

    Done!  So, is there a place in sourceforge or elsewhere that you're using to collect snippets that are created by users?
    I just used FingerText to create a jQuery Mobile Framework snippet that I'd be happy to contribute somewhere.

  • erinata

    erinata - 2012-03-30

    Thanks a lot for making snippets!!!

    Currently I do not have a systematic way to collect snippets. Probably you can just email the ftd file to me. (Plugin>Fingertext>About)
    So that I can put a link in the documentation in future releases.

    To generate a ftd file, goto  Plugin>Fingertext>Export all snippets

    If you have a lot of other snippets and you only want to export only the " jQuery Mobile Framework", you can click the "Open Snippet Editor" Button. On the Snippetdock there is a textbox named "Filter". Type in some search key (Say "js") and you can see a subset of your snippets are chosen. Click the "Export Current List" button to export only the snippets shown in the list.

  • erinata

    erinata - 2012-05-03

    FingerText 0.5.60

    - Now you can go to "Notepad++ Menu > Plugin > Fingertext > Install Default Snippets Package" to install the default snippet package. Therefore, the fingertext zip file doesn't come with a fingertextsamplesnippet.ftd file anymore.

    - Only () can be used to pass parameters. It means that you can trigger the "mit" snippet by typing "mit" or "mit(Name)" and hit tab, but not  "mit<Name>" or "mit" . This fix reduce a lot of accidental triggering esp when coding html.

    - Hyphen (-) is now allowed in Triggertext. For those who like to use prefix to sort and manage snippets, you can use "css-color" "css-font" "html-color" "html-font"  are now valid triggertext

  • erinata

    erinata - 2012-06-06

    Finally I got some kind of documentation (It's harder than writing the plugin itself :P)

    It's not completed yet. But it's something.

  • filinta

    filinta - 2012-11-01

    hi erinata, I have a problem with the plugin; when I insert a snippet to utf-8 encoded document I get this:

    alert("$[![Hello Wo[>END<]____`[SnippetInserting]

    but in ansi encoded document everything is normal, is this normal?

  • Dave_Scream

    Dave_Scream - 2013-01-20

    must have plugin! I even have no ideas how to make it more better.

    Alt+/ hotkey is useful.

    Last edit: Dave_Scream 2013-01-20
  • cricrazy

    cricrazy - 2013-09-09


    I am having a problem with using two List Snippets in one call. Here is an example:

    Type: $[![(lis)Input|Output]!]
    PARAMETER: $[![(lis)Argument|keyword]!]

    This somehow deletes the second line, when it is triggered. Can you please help.

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