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Sorry about this, but I don't have any more information than what you'lll find on the site. And I have no part in the development of the plugin or any fork of it. Perhaps should you explore the Github site more thorouhly.


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Subject: [notepad-plus:discussion] Explorer plugin alive?
Hi Chris,
many thanks! ... is there a change info?
Is it possible to address a (ok, purely non-functional) suggestion?

Imo the init phase of the explorer, compared with similar dir tree products,

looks quite semi-professional, as it needs so many hops/iterations

until finally it reaches it's target directory

so that the startup appears slow (too much gui updates or interims directory display iterations?).
Suggestion 2: regarding the file list add an option for "show files only" resp. "don't show sub directories".
That's all...

otherwise happy user

Explorer plugin alive?

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