FileSwitcher 1.0.1

  • Dave Brotherstone

      Yet another release of the FileSwitcher plugin.  This is primarily a bug fix release, but the "next" and "previous" menu items have been changed round to the more sensible order of "previous" first, so you need to remap your shortcuts if you're using an existing version.

    The other fixes in this release are (pretty much all down to fool4uanyway's testing!) :
    + FIXED    Ctrl-Tab wiping out what was typed for each document
    + FIXED    Document selection and scroll position being wiped out when switching
               (with or without the file switcher)
    + FIXED    Ctrl-(sh)-Tab not highlighting the correct document initially
    + FIXED    Sort-descending was selected after selecting "Always Remember"

    1.1 is aiming for having the highlight bar colour changed, and most-recently-used and most-commonly-used columns / sort orders.  1.2 may well have the docking interface requested by Don :)

    Locations are the same:



    Thanks again,


    • Fool4UAnyway

      Fool4UAnyway - 2009-05-18

      Hey, great! Feels like it works again as exepected.

      Looks like my column options were set back to the defaults: the Index column was last again. I added the View column (don't know if that reset the lot).

      I noticed that in the text edit box were you can type the document's name search string, you can't do much more. Home and End keys don't work "there", probably because the dialog itself catches them. I would like to be able to jump to the start and end of the typed text easily, as I am used to in such boxes.

    • Sing

      Sing - 2009-05-19

      Crashed again when opening session.....Do you need the "NppDump.dmp" for debugging?

    • Jens Lorenz

      Jens Lorenz - 2009-05-23

      Hello Dave,

      I can add you as an developer for in SF Npp-Plugins. So every plugin could be found on one host and you can use the CVS system of SF.
      Are you interested?

      Best Regards

      • Dave Brotherstone

        Yes, that'd be great.

        Thanks very much,


        • Jens Lorenz

          Jens Lorenz - 2009-05-23

          Done. I added also a forum and your component to tracker for bugs and feature reqeusts.

          Best Regards

    • Thell Fowler

      Thell Fowler - 2009-05-20

      "... + FIXED Document selection and scroll position being wiped out when switching 
      (with or without the file switcher) ... "

      What was it?

    • aaaa

      aaaa - 2009-05-24

      Hi Dave,

      This is a very useful plugin for me.

      I downloaded the source and made it so the listview selected row is darker in color.  I did this by setting the focus to the listview then skipping WM_KILLFOCUS so the row won't be redrawn with the unfocused color.

      Some code may be easier to understand:
      SwitchDialog::doDialog() {
        ::SetFocus(_hListView);   //draws selected row with dark blue (win default)
      listProc() {
        case WM_KILLFOCUS:
          return true;  //catch KILLFOCUS message so the selected row stays dark blue

      Also have one request:   Is it possible to replace the document switcher that shows when you hold right click+scroll?

      Thanks for making this plugin!

      • Dave Brotherstone

        Brilliant!  I was taking deep breaths preparing for an owner-draw to get it to do this.  I'll get a new version on the npp-plugins project out with this included.

        As for the right-click scroll, (a feature I never knew about!), it sounds like you're in a better position than me to tell!  I don't know, I'll have a look how it's launched, and how tightly integrated it is to N++. 

        Thanks so much for this - I'm sorry if the code's a bit clunky, this is my first proper attempt at C++ for 15 years, and doing C# all day rots the brain.

        Thanks again,



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