Easy Color Picker Version 1.1 UNICODE

  • Simon Steinberger

    Hi folks,

    here you can find an improved version of Easy Color Picker:


    Delphi src:

    Color symbols für Delphi, VB, C++ ... are being added automatically now, where needed.

    Have fun,


    • Don R

      Don R - 2008-12-13

      That is good work. I kept hitting a wall when I tried to convert my color picker to Unicode. I will work on your's to see what more I can do to embellish it.

      Two warnings can be eliminated by making the following changes:
      File: NppForms
      Lines 40 and 41
          constructor Create(NppParent: TNppPlugin); reintroduce; overload;
          constructor Create(AOwner: TNppForm); reintroduce; overload;
      Simple add "reintroduce;" and the warnings go away.


  • david gunnells

    david gunnells - 2009-12-01

    Thanks for converting it to Unicode.

    Since this hasn't been added to the NP++ plugin listing here on SF & it doesn't have it's own SF project page (or does it?), is 1.1 the latest version?

    I was going to make a RFE, but I've found  to be more than sufficient.

    Are you planning on adding this to the NP++ plugins listing?

      : http://www.nattyware.com/pixie.php
      : http://www.nattyware.com/

  • Alex Breems

    Alex Breems - 2009-12-04

    Try , only 95.5kb but can it is a lot of

    Simply appoint its start to a combination of keys in the menu Run and the plugin any more is not required to you

      : http://www.colorcop.net/screenshots

  • david gunnells

    david gunnells - 2009-12-11

    Thanks, Color Cop is great.

  • Kurt

    Kurt - 2010-01-03

    doenst work in notepad++ version 5.6.4 (UNiCODE)

  • Dejan Kozina

    Dejan Kozina - 2010-01-05

    It works fine for me - same version, WinXP SP3

  • Kurt

    Kurt - 2010-01-05

    rofl. now it works!

  • Anonymous - 2011-07-29

    Thanks - works fine on 5.9.2 unicode.
    Little bug: when you have 2 views open , it always inserts the color into the first and not into the currently focused one.

  • Anonymous - 2011-11-22

    Thanks a lot. Now my notepad++ is even more wonderfully useful.

  • Simon Steinberger

    Oops, shame on me: I didn't realize about this discussion until now. Sorry for not responding for such a long time - it wasn't intentionally :-P I sure would like to include this plugin in the SF list; if anybody could give me a hint on how that's done :-P I asked jenslorenz, but never git a reply.

    Since ColorPicker is still working on current npp version 6.1.2, I didn't make any relevant changes or updates. If it's on the plugin list, I'll "reintroduce" warnings ASAP.

    Color Cop and Pixie are absolutely great, however, you can't select a color in your code - e.g. #3d23d3 - and actually see it, can you? Personally, I use this plugin to tweak colors inside my code during web development.

  • Simon Steinberger

    Oops 2: I just saw, the provided links on top are not working any more.
    You can still get the plugin dll and it's source here.


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