• Nobody/Anonymous

    NOT an another editor with FTP feature please.
    There are good FTP apps, use thoose, please.

    If FTP would be implemented as Plugin, wich
    i could delete ( :-) ) that's maybe good.
    But don't increase the npp.exe for such "improvements" please!

    Thank you

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I don't mean to sound rude, but I don't think "increasing the size" of a Notepad++ install is an issue.

      I know one of the design goals of the project is to produce a "small, efficient binary," but let's be realistic: My entire NPP install is 1.6 MB!  That's incredibly tiny, especially considering the size of todays hard drives.  Increasing the install to 2 MB (if that) should not be a problem for anyone.

      Further, such a feature shouldn't hinder performance of the application either.  FTP functions would only be used when explicitly loading/saving a file over FTP.  Standard opening an saving of files, editing, etc. should all be unaffected.

      And if you're concerned about the FTP features cluttering up the GUI itself, well, I would hope it wouldn't take more than 2 menu items (load/save FTP).  This is practically nothing considering considering that the "TextFX" plugin adds *10* different submenus to the Plugins menu all by itself, and people still seem to love it.