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Html Tag guideline Highlighting...

  • jive

    jive - 2006-10-05

    Is such a plugin possible? Where when you click on an html tag element, the closing tag element highlights (telling you what closing tag it belongs to the opening) Just like brace and indent guidline highlighting, only with html tag elements. This feature would be incredibly useful...

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Me too. Why doesn't anybody work on this type of thing. Is this too hard for developers. I would assume that there are a lot of  html/css programmers that can really find this convenient...

    • jive

      jive - 2006-10-22

      is this an unreasonable request? or am I unclear as to what I am asking for?

    • Monty

      Monty - 2006-10-28

      It's possible, but needs some work. I've got some time this weekend, so I'll see what I can do, but no promises ;)

      If it just highlighted the < of the opening tag and the > of the closing tag, is that still useful? The Scintilla engine can only highlight 2 characters at once with the built in brace highlight function.

    • jive

      jive - 2006-10-30

      You know what. You are the man!.  I guess just a <opening and closing> tag would be good ( it's better then nothing. The whole tag would be just scruptious! Maybe a 1.0 and a 2.0 version? This would be fantastic.

    • jive

      jive - 2006-11-07

      Is this no longer a consideration? This would be a fantastic plugin....

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      This is a really great idea.  What is the word on this?

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        I would really benefit from this feature as well.