StanE - 2014-02-27

Plugin ACCPC has been updated to version 1.2.1
(Auto completion for custom PHP classes)

- Opened ACCPC windows do not disappear anymore when user switches to another window
- Added option to disable autocompletion
- Fixed problem with shrinking autocompletion popup

Note: This plugin is beta version and may not show up in the Plugin Manager (you need to check "[x] Show unstable plugins" in the Plugin Manager Settings) or you can download it there: If you already have an older version installed, you can force to update the plugin by reinstalling it through the Plugin Manager.

MD5: 924ab97039b76026488ac8e39e6cfa1d
SHA1: 9c8f7122296c6beaa8a146469270be01b03ea0ac

Greetings & thanks for testing: trixi, Sven