Possible RC for Explorer 1.5.1

  • Jens Lorenz

    Jens Lorenz - 2007-08-29

    Hello users,

    I did a stable brunch for Explorer. Here the fixes and at least one new feature:

    Fix: Performance improvment. All overlay icons are now updated in a seperate task.
    Fix: Crashed on update of plugin from v1.2 or v1.3 to this one (Favorites.dat)
    Fix: Owner drawn file list now execute within the NM_CUSTOMDRAW notification
    Fix: When closing a file now the underline will be removed in any case
    Fix: Root paths were not shown in drop down history
    Fix: Updates only on reactivating of Notepad++
    Fix: On using standard icons of explorer the device shell icons were wrong
    Fix: Blue hand was shown on file selection in Favorites dialog
    Fix: Caption in Explorer is correctly set when Folders in Favorites dialog were opened
    New: Exclude of files in filter now possible. Example: *[^*.cpp]

    Please download it here:

    If no crashes or other problems happen I will do a release at this weekend.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks for this Jens.

      I can confirm "blue hand" icon has now gone in Favorites tab.

      However, Favorites files are not underlined when opened (are they supposed to be?). Explorer files ARE underlined.

      I'm still having problems with Favorites Folder icons much the same as before. This is with "Use Windows Icons" selected. When this option isn't selected, the icons are OK.

      When NPP is opened and the Favorites tab is on top all the Folder icons are either blank or display this green up arrow icon. Any redraw, such as swapping focus to another window or moving a dialog over the offending icons causes them to be redrawn correctly. Favorites File icons are always drawn correctly.

      This is consistent. Folders which have a desktop.ini file with the path of my own icon are blank, and all the others have the green up arrow.

      If the Explorer tab is on top when NPP is opened and I then select the Favorites tab, the results are identical to above. Scrolling up the list reveals correctly drawn icons and as above, any redraw correctly shows the icons.

      Back and Forward buttons a welcome addition, thanks (didn't notice them before :-)).

      Hope that helps, sorry :-)

      Mark B

      • Jens Lorenz

        Jens Lorenz - 2007-08-30

        Please have a look here! I did some changes in possible RC.

        Fix: Tree in Favorites uses also NM_CUSTOMDRAW notification
        New: Extend functionality in context menu with "DOS Prompt..."
        Change: On right click a folder now following menu items are shown
        - Full File path(s) to documnet
        - File Name(s) to documnet

        In addition there was a crash on previous RC. Now it should be fixed.


        Best Regards

        • Hashim Kubba

          Hashim Kubba - 2007-09-02

          Thanks for the fast respond Jens, Dos prompt is really a nice addition, really nice plugin that i can not live without it any more.

          Your fast respond encouraged me to add 2 small improvements, and one big one:

          the small ones:
          - add "command Prompt parameters" Edit box in the setting screen, this way i can write "settings.bat" and that will run every time i click "Dos Prompt..." and will set my path,ant_home and other things.
          - when adding a file or a folder to the Favorites; default the name to the file/folder name

          The big one:
          Here is the scenario I want to see, if I click on a large file (say 20MB Log file) I will see a "Log file" screen asking:

          - Radio Button1: Open file (chosen by default)
          - Radio Button2: Show last 100 lines of the file

          the number 100 either be in an edit box or could be set in the settings

          In the settings a check box could be added, "Open file as Log File when size is larger than XX MB", XX to be editable

          That will add a great feature to your plug-in;log reading; and can be improved later in many many ways.

          If you want to go really crazy in programming, you can add:

          - Radio Button3: Show first 100 lines of the file (or simply make the last in the Radio Button2 a pull down menu with options(first, last)
          - Radio Button4: Show 100 lines around last occurrence of RegEx ____ (again first could be first,last)
          - Check Box: If a line contain RegEx ____, change it to _____
          - Add "Open as Log file..." to your right click menu

          What you did so far is a great job, those are only suggestions from a user of a free software, so feel free to ignore it or change it to what ever you want



        • Nobody/Anonymous

          Excellent Jens, Favorite Folder icons now draw first time with new DLL! Well done and thanks!

          Can I ask if Favorite Files are supposed to be underlined when opened?

          DOS Prompt a neat addition.

          Mark B

    • Mike

      Mike - 2007-08-29

      Is it possible to have a shortcut for "Folder of Current File" ?

      Also, if the file opened in notepad++ uses an 8.3 name, it won't be underlined in "Folder of Current File"

      Can be reproduced by creating a txt file with a long name, typing dir /x in cmd window, and opening this file from command line using 8.3 name.

      • Hashim Kubba

        Hashim Kubba - 2007-08-29

        Some suggestions for later versions:
        * "Dos Prompt here" when right click a file or a folder would be nice, if it is a file just open a DOS prompt     with the file name example: c:\temp>test.bat
        * When right click a folder, show in the menu:
           - Full File path(s) to documnet
           - File Name(s) to documnet

    • Nobody/Anonymous


      Would it be possible to include the "File menu Recent Files list" in the Favorites list as a separate Group? I know this list would be dynamic but you have this array of file names already there.

      Thanks for considering.

      Mark B

      • Nobody/Anonymous


        What do you mean with "File menu Recent Files list"? Do you ask for current opened files in Notepad? For fast selecting? Or an automatic generated "Favorites" (Often used)?

        Best Regards

        • Nobody/Anonymous

          Under the File menu there is a list of recently opened files at the bottom. In the Settings dialog you call it History File.
          I thought it might be nice to have this list incorporated into Favorites for easy access.

          I often use the same files for editing (I suppose most people do). I use the Favorites Files list for my most often PERMANENT files. However, there are often files I work on for a few days or so which I don't want to include in my Favorites Files list because it would clutter it up especially as I might not use them again after a few days. These files I currently access from the File menu History list.

          If this list was included as a separate group under Favorites tab it brings together all the files the user is working on.

          Just a thought :-))

          Mark B

          • Nobody/Anonymous

            Ok, now I am sure. You mean LRU. This should be shown in Menu->Files for faster access and not im my plugin. Currently I think about to develop a new plugin. Somethink like a dockable MRU. Maybe I do this or I change the sources of Notepad and provide it to Don. Hopefully he implements it. If not, I be sure plugin will come!

            Best Regards

    • Douglas B Kaynor

      Got a crash. If I click on the D drive icon (my CD-rom) I get a message (There is no disk in the drive. Then Click cancel and notepad++ crashes.

      Appname: notepad++.exe
      ModName explorer.dll
      Offset: 0000a726
      WinXP build 2600

      • Nobody/Anonymous


        this bug is still known and fixed ;). I will do the release at this weekend ...

        Best Regards