Nude Spoons - 2014-04-26

First, thank you Dave for your continued development and support of Plugin Manager. I find it indispensable and an excellent piece of work.

I have one problem that I hope you can provide assistance with, even though it does not relate to a shortcoming or flaw in Plugin Manager. I have a fairly large number (>70) plug-ins installed and, when I click on the Plugins menu in Notepad++, the corresponding entries in the drop-down list are not sorted alphanumerically, as might be expected. Apart from being plain irksome, this impinges on usability and productivity.

Some time ago,

Finally, Dave, would you consider an enhancement to Plugin Manager to include the option of grouping plug-ins in the drop-down list within sub-menus according to the initial letter of their names, as Notepad++ does with the Language menu?

Thanks for taking the time to read all this, and I look forward to reading your response.