"Close HTML" Plugin errors

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Things like <BR> and <HR> don't need a closing tag.  Otherwise this plugin alone is brilliant.

    Can someone lead me to the source for this plugin?  Perhaps I might save the author some time and suggest some changes... :)

    • Chris Severance

      Chris Severance - 2005-10-19

      Excellent, I'm looking for feedback. The InsertPluginDemo has a crude version of Autoclose HTML tags that is only there for demo purposes. I copied and updated the code into NPPTextFX and am trying to smarten it up.

      The reason that I didn't exclude <BR> and <HR> is because you and everyone else in the world need to switch over to XHTML Transitional as soon as possible. No new work should be done in HTML other than special cases. It is fully compatible with existing HTML browsers but in time it will be the lowest standard supported on limited power platforms. If you enter the tags as <br/> and <hr/> and <img.../> as required by the XHTML Transititional specification, they will not be closed. I can add exclusions for those tags but I'd rather see everyone using XHTML. Remember that a single undo will remove any unwanted automatic action.


      • Paulius

        Paulius - 2005-10-20

        I totaly agree with you.

        Seriously, there are two evils in tags like <BR> and <HR> - first one is that it doesn't have a forward slash before *more* sign (indicating, that there won't be any closing tags) and the second - it's in uppercase.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Well then perhaps it needs to be called: "Close XHTML/XML tag automatically" ??

      XHTML is good I agree.  Perhaps we could even force people to use it by changing the closing of a tag like <br> to <br/>???

      Don't know how easy that is to do.

    • Chris Severance

      Chris Severance - 2005-10-26

      XHTML, good idea.

      I have tools to lookup and replace keywords but sneaking the slash may get them to just turn the feature off. Not everyone understands why XHTML Transitional is the minimum permissible standard.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      OK then you need to have a autocomplete for HTML and an autocomplete for XHTML... that way we get a choice... :)

      If I knew where to look for the code I would try and write the plugin... :)

    • Chris Severance

      Chris Severance - 2005-10-29

      Just download the InsertPluginDemo and you can code from that. I've killed closing for the 5 tags listed here.


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