SecurePad plugin

  • Dominic Tobias

    Dominic Tobias - 2007-08-31

    With this you can encrypt/decrypt whole documents or selected text with your own key.

    It is useful for storing sensitive information like logins and you don't want them lying around in a plaintext file.

    The cryption is very basic but very easy to add your own more advanced method (i will probably update the dll with a better crypt method). --- Binary --- Source

    • Don HO

      Don HO - 2007-09-03

      Quite funny your plugin, and it might be useful for some context.

      May I publish your plugin in Npp-Plugins :


      • Radoslav Paskalev


        I have n++4.5
        I copied the plugin to the plugins dir, but nothing happens.
        There is no menu or shortcut. Do I miss something?
        How to use this plugin?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      i'm using the lastest version of N++ 4.2.2 and the only version of SecurePad
      and i get a message that
      "Load Library is (sic) failed.  This plugin is not compatible with the current version of N++..."

      I wonder if the supplied binary is ok, because i see all plugins are above 100kb and SecurePad is only 9kb ??

    • Dominic Tobias

      Dominic Tobias - 2007-09-07

      yeh sure u can Don

      @ other msg thats strange cause im using 4.2.2

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      How to decrypt this? I encrypted a string of text and now I do not see the option to decrypt it.

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Just do the same again. The algorithm is symmetric. Encryption and decryption is the same procedure.

        Best, Simon