How to develope a npp plugin in c++

  • Subrat

    Subrat - 2012-09-20

    Hi, I' new to this and don't get how to use the NPPPluginDemo after building using VS.
    Please guide me the exact steps.


  • cchris

    cchris - 2012-09-23

    So you now have this project in Visual Studio.
    I don't know whether you read the Plugin Resources pages on NpWiki++. They are supposed to help.
    A plugin can respond to menu commands (or keyboard shortcuts), internal messages and notifications. At the very simplest, you need one menu entry to show your plugin is installed.
    I assume you read the part on specifying the menu entries and keyboard shortcuts, and this is shown in action in the plugin.

    Notepad++ relays most messages to plugins, and isues notificaions to them. The complete list is at You need to design your plugin around these, as these are the signals it will get for information and commands.
    Since you will obtain handles to the Notepad++ main window and both its Scintilla public components, you can catch and send any windows messages to them. Of course this requires  some care sometimes. Studying existing plugin code is probably a good thing to do.

    And finally, since I do'nt know wher e you are stuck, I can't provide very specific advice. Don't hesitate to ask again if you still feel in trouble.



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