Chris - 2014-07-09

I need a custom language for a macro tool I use. I've got it 90% working just with the User Defined Dialog, but a few things aren't working. For example, the single command in the language may be multiple words separated by a space:

$table total rows

What then happens is it sees "total" and "rows" as individual commands and colors them, whether or not used in this context

I know there are limitations to the User Defined Dialog, and I'm not looking to learn all the syntax to create my own from scratch - this is really a one-off requirement for me.

I will provide a list of all of the commands broken down into just a few categories, and the color coding for each. I can also provide the XML that got me 90% of the way.

For someone who knows what they are doing, this should be a pretty straight forward task.

Please email me your contact info to chris @ (move the @ to the middle)
with your ability to do this and an estimated cost.