Plugin update: RunMe 1v20

  • Franco

    Franco - 2009-03-30

    RunMe plugin has been updated to v1.20

    + now it is possible to have toolbar icons for the three main functions of the plugin: run/explore/shell
        displaying the icons can be enabled/disabled (individually) from the newly designed options dialog box
    + now it is possible to take some actions after executing the current file from the newly designed options dialog box:
        one can decide to minimize NPP, keep the focus to NPP, or give the focus to the executed process

    As usual it can be downloaded here:

    Best regards,


    • irradium

      irradium - 2009-03-31

      The ANSI version of this plugin doesn't work : when run npp the plugin isn't recognize as an ansi plugin but like an unicode plugin ......

      The UNICODE version instead works very well !!



      • Franco

        Franco - 2009-03-31

        I recompiled and it should be fine now.
        Thanks for the info.

    • raveren

      raveren - 2009-05-26

      Since I reinstalled windows, the command "explore file location" throws this:

      There is no application associated with the given file name extension. This error will also be returned if you attempt to print a file that is not printable.

      The current file extension is bound to n++ and I am using WinXP SP3.

      I'd be very grateful for a solution!

    • Franco

      Franco - 2009-06-01

      You receive this error message because there is no action associated to the file extension you are trying to run from within Notepad++.

      In fact if you locate the file in resource manager and double click the file, then Windows should also tell you that there is no program associated to it.

      When you re-installed your PC you must have not installed the program capable to run you files or forgot to associate the extension to such program.



    • raveren

      raveren - 2009-06-11

      Hi, thanks for the reply.

      At first, I thought so too, but these are folders not files we're speaking of, and looking at the Folder Options->File Types entry, I see an 'open' action. Seems fine.

      Ah well if no one can second the bug, must be my systems issue, thanks anyway.