New Explorer, Function List and HexEdit

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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hello Notepad++ Users:

    Don published the Notepad++ 4.0 RC yesterday. With it comes the new Docking Manager developed by me. My plugins uses this Docking Manager and it could be used by each other plugin. Ask Don or me how to implement your plugin as a dockable one.

    How to use Docking Manager will be shown in the new screenshots that will be published with the final release of 4.0.

    With the new Docking Manager comes also the new complete diffrent Explorer Plugin.


    This version (Explorer.dll v1.0) are only useable with ASCII systems.
    Unicode systems are not correct supported. I try to update this until next version.

    Here the feature list of Explorer:

    - Iconbar (forward, backward, new file/folder, find in files)
    - Go to current file in explorer
    - Seperate folder and file view
    - Folder update in explorer and faves
    - Sortable file view as List View (clumns: name, ext)
    - Extension filter
    - Create/delete/move/rename and copy of files/dirs
    - Multiselection for open
    - Context menu with
      - New file...
      - Find in files...
      - Open
      - Open in new instance
      - Selected files names and include as text

    Feature list for Favorites:

    - Iconbar
    - Seperate roots for folders, files and maybe internet links
    - Naming and renaming for each item
    - Grouping of items
    - Session managment
      - Open session (additional with add to current opened files)
      - Create new session
      - Renaming of sessions
      - Using of Session Manager on menu selection "File->Save Session..."

    As I described in subject, also a new version of Function List is published.
    This new version 1.0 have small language support changes and also a own Iconbar.

    The HexEdit comes now with an own extension filter. You could define your own extension
    to use HexEdit Plugin automaticaly, when files are open with those extensions.
    To use it, have a look into the Options menu.

    Have fun

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Sorry, I typed stupid things today ;). Seperate with ";" your filters. E.g.:

      "*.txt ; *.java"

      There is no need for spaces.

      Best Regards

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      It's possibile to see the extension in the explorer file list?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Yes, it is!!! Look into the upper post, but here again:

      - Sortable file view as List View (clumns: name, ext)

      Best Regards

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Function list plugin needs for Search box...without Search it's pretty useless thing

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        I dont think so. You are the first user that think about that Function List is useless. But I will consider your suggestion.

        Best Regards

        • Nobody/Anonymous

          I wouldn't say it's useless without it but searching would be a very nice feature to have

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Is it possible to show and hide the explorer by cliking on an arrow(like in dreamweaver to have a larger space of work) ?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I dont know dreamweaver, but in a later version or Notepad it will be possible to toggle the docked windows to the side like .NET.

      Best Regards

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hello Jens, thank you for considering my suggestion abt QuickSearch box, it really needed feature for, since functions list occupys 2 screen's height in my source so I really need it for navigation.
      Also could you please advise me, how can I avoid presents of sizeof() in function list

      I have the following code

      #define SOME_NUM (sizeof(something) / \                 sizeof(some_type))

      and the belowest sizeof() appears in function list

      Best regards,

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Try to avoid newline in this case. If you type

      #define SOME_NUM (sizeof(something) / sizeof(some_type))

      this will help.

      Best Regards

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Jens, newline is really needed here. To satisfy standarts each line should be less than 100 characters.
        Mentioned names is just an example.
        Maybe there is some "exclude" or "ignore" can be used in User rules?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I have been waiting for this news for some time.  Today, you have put a huge smile on my face.  I feel like a kid on Christmas.

      Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I really liked the functionality of the Explorer plugin in 3.9, where the "Favourites" menu was more like a project explorer, than a view of the whole directory structure where my project is stored.  I liked having the files shown in the same place as the folders.  I just liked how the old plugin worked, but I also like the new ability to dock it.  Is there anyway to get the old Explorer plugin with the new dockable capabilities?

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        I really liked the functionality of the Explorer plugin in 3.9, where the "Favourites" menu  was more like a project explorer, than a view of the whole directory structure where my project is stored. I liked having the files shown in the same place as the folders. I just liked how the old plugin worked, but I also like the new ability to dock it. Is there anyway to get he old Explorer plugin with the new dockable capabilities?

        I totally agree on this one.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hello users,

      RC 2 is available and also new plugins are available which fix a lot of issues. Please download here the new files:

      Best Regards

    • Rocky

      Rocky - 2007-01-23

      I tried the Notepad++ v4.0 RC 2 and I want to say "Thanks a LOT Jens!".
      You have done a great job for all of Notepad++ users! I'm especially happy with the docking capability of the Explorer plugin and all of its new featues :)

      Best Regards,

    • Rocky

      Rocky - 2007-01-25

      Hi, I found an issue with Explorer plugin and I post it here, because I'm not sure if plugins bugs should be in the bugtracker (also I hope it might get fixed in the official release):

      OS is Windows XP SP2, Notepad++ 4.0 RC2

      When I do the steps below, Notepad++ crashes with the following crashinfo:
         AppName: notepad++.exe        AppVer:         ModName: explorer.dll
         ModVer:               Offset: 00002f82
      This reproduces every time for me.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Create a Folder Link in Favourites (Name: 'Install', Link: 'C:\Install')
      2. Doubleclick the link - you are directed to Explorer pane and C:\Install dierctory is selected
      3. Right click any item in lower Explorer pane - Notepadd++ creshes (consequently any changes done are lost)

      If I first click somewhere in upper pane (i.e. the dierctory tree) everting is fine and the context menu is shown, when  item in lower pane (i.e. directory contents) is right click-ed.

      Best Regards,

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Yes, you are right. Thanks a lot.

      Best Regards

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Berlin, Sonntag d. 28. Januar 2007, 13h31'

      Hallo Jens -

      I've played around a lot with the new Version 4.0 downloaded as on January 27, and it finally works.

      The main Problem was to bring it into German using the german.xml downloaded at the same time.

      Still, there is the problem of starting notepad++ with the explorer-plugin switched  o f f , which will not work: The program always starts with the plugin switched on, not remembering it has been switched off in the last session. (As I use notepad++ as file-viewer for .log-Files I don't need the explorer to be seen then. Of course I could switch it off after the program started, but that's a little boring to be forced to do this repeatedly.)

      Consequently, I have tried to remove the explorer plugin, but didn't succede: If I delete the explorer.dll and/or explorer.ini in the plugins/config directory, the program crashes next time I start it.

      My system is Windows98 (yeah!), is that the problem?

      Have you any idea?

      Kind regards,

      • Don HO

        Don HO - 2007-02-02

        The crashing issue under w98 is fixed.
        I'll send you the binary to test.
        Please let me know if it works now.


    • Nicholas Rougeux

      First off, thanks a bunch for getting the Explorer plugin docked. I've wanted that for a long time and it's great to see it there. Nice improvements on it too. There are just a few things that could be improved:

      - Enable cleartype on the text (it looks strange when that text is the only non-cleartype text on the screen)

      - Remove the square brackets from directory names. The icons should be enough of an indicator. Brackets makes it difficult to read

      - Show the extension with the file name so it's the real name of the file instead of in a separate column. The separate column is handy for sorting and keeping it would be fine but please show the extension as part of the file name. If, for example I have multiple files with the same name but different extensions, it's very difficult to tell which is which without the extension part of the file name. Maybe the "Ext" column could be changed to "Type" like in Windows Explorer and say the full type of file, such as "File folder" and "PHP File" instead of "<DIR>" and "php." This would be easier to read and a little friendlier.

      - Show file structure like Windows Explorer does, with My Documents as a root folder. Drilling down to it from the C drive takes a long time and setting a favorite location is nice, but not the best solution

      - (Minor) Use folder icons as assigned by users. For example, I changed my folder icons to something other than the yellow folders but Notepad++ still shows the yellow folders. It would be nice to see the ones I assigned.

      Ultimately, I love that the feature has been added and is dockable now. That's wonderful. However, I'd love it even more if it could mimic the native Windows Explorer behavior as much as possible since that's what is most familiar when using Windows.

      It's getting there! Keep up the great work.


      • Nicholas Rougeux

        Another feature that would make it a little more usable: hover states. For example, in Windows Explorer, when the cursor hovers over the directories in the left side tree view, they turn a light grey and are underlined. That would be very useful if it were added to the Explorer plugin so I know what I'll be clicking on.

        • Nobody/Anonymous

          I dont want to implement this, because this feature has a different meaning to the current implementation. Currently you have to double click. Hovering with underlined blue, green or whatever - depending on your windows style - means one click hyperlink.

          Best Regards

          • Nobody/Anonymous

            You make a good point. How about making the text grey a little but no underline?

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