Function List 2 Unicode version

  • Sing

    Sing - 2008-12-12

    Will Function List 2 Unicode version be released soon?

    • MojoRyssen

      MojoRyssen - 2009-03-02

      Ah-ha! I knew i would find a perfect example to illustrate my point [ in ]

      Why has no one provided this person (a fellow N++ user / supporter, btw) with practical assistance with his or her need?

      singx7, i'm sorry i don't have the info you seek. and sorry i jumped on your thread to serve my own agenda.

      my advice: use the search-- try to find an existing answer. i know that's not what you wanted to hear! haha... lot of help i am!

      (i've got it! you ever hear of ... what is it... Dreamcleavage? Streamweaver? oh... rtfm or google it i guess... hehe... such fun, this interweb thing, to suffer little consequence for my own sarcastic outbursts!)

      good luck, singx7. (not sarcasm, fwiw)

      • Don HO

        Don HO - 2009-03-02

        > Why has no one provided this person (a fellow N++ user / supporter, btw)
        > with practical assistance with his or her need? 

        If I were you, I would search the forums (as your advice) before opening my mouths.


    • Fabio

      Fabio - 2009-03-02

      Here's a topic where this was discussed:

      There you'll find 2 links: Harry's and Ruslan's. I've tried both and they both work for me, but it seems to me that the second one is a more stable version, and somebody says it also has more features, so I'd recommend Ruslan's build.

      Please note that this is only version 1.2; the source code of version 2.0 was never released, so if you desperately want version 2.0 you must use the Ansi version of N++, which can be found in the .zip file (and NOT in the .exe installer!).

    • DrK

      DrK - 2009-03-09

      Irrespective of the correctness of the above or not, the fact is that there is no Unicode version of FunctionList V2 (alpha, beta or anything) currently available.

      Also, the messages in this forum state that the Author is busy on other things and/or wants to rewrite it.  That is his prerogative and he should not be judged harshly.

      However, there are others who have the ability to work with the code 'as-is' to convert it to Unicode.  If the author would post his code (no matter how bad it may or may not be), then we can get it converted, the author can bring out V3 at their leisure.

      I, for one, will be staying on V5.0.2 and not upgrading to any of the new releases until a Unicode version of this plugin is available. I depend on it too much.


      • Fabio

        Fabio - 2009-03-09

        David, for those who don't want to move to the Unicode version, because they need some plugins which haven't been converted, there's an up-to-date ANSI version. Simply donwload the .zip file, instead of the .exe auto-installer, and you'll find 2 folders: Ansi and Unicode (and this explains why the zip is bigger than the exe!). Copy the content of the Ansi one somewhere and launch it. Of course, you may want to import your session, stylers and so on, but the point is that you are not forced to use 5.0.2 (apart from the fact that there's also 5.0.3, but I suppose it's a typo or that you just don't remember well).
        The latest stable release (currently, 5.2) is here: but if you look into the Open Discussion forum, Don has just announced the Release Candidate for 5.3.

    • DrK

      DrK - 2009-03-09

      Thank you - I knew there was 5.0.3 but (and I am not picking on NotePad++ or any other project - since I am involved with Open Source projects myself), it is a question of what new features are available in any new release (do I need/want them), what bugs are fixed (did they hit me) and, most importantly, what new bugs are introduced with any new release - that drives my decisions.

      Whilst I very much like NotePad++, it does seem to have a growing bug list - especially after a new release (maybe it should be released less often with more QA and regression testing).  Unfortunately, just because a Release Candidtae is available doesn't mean anyone is actually going to test it adequately or thoroughly or in the areas that I use it, before it is released.  Again, I am not picking on NotePad++, it is the same for virtually every product I have seen (less likely in commercial applications because if it doesn't work - they lose customers and their money!).

      These are all personal decisions.  Mine is to wait to go to the newer release and to go to the Unicode version only when FunctionList V2 (or later) is available.  I am not sure why the author won't let someone else convert it to Unicode (even one other 'trusted' person, if they don't want it in the public domain).

      Any bugs/problems I have with 5.0.2 - I can live with.  Even the few in FunctionList V2 alpha.

      I like NotePad++ and will continue to use it.  I must admit that very high on my list (just below FunctionList V2+) is the ability to do column editing like UltraEdit.  I still use that editor (an ancient version) when I need to do this and it would be really really nice if it was in NotePad++.

      Many thanks for the good work .. but I will just wait a bit longer thanks.


      • cchris

        cchris - 2009-03-10

        I use N++ 5.2 Unicode with FunctionList, and I mostly like it.

        There are two unicode builds available for FunctionList v1.2 . Please use the search facility to retrieve th download URLs. One is fully compatible, while the other uses a more conventional FunctionList.ini to store its data. They may choke on some languages, but this stems for deficiencies in the way the Scintilla component processes regexps, so I guess the ANSI version would hit the same roadblock.

        Both these builds have the following issue: when installing a new version of N++ (from 5.1.2 thru 5.2), they are seen as ANSI plugins. Just change the extension of the dll when prompted for deleting it, rename it back when the wizard is done, and there you go.


    • DrK

      DrK - 2009-03-10

      As the title of this thread says: FunctionList V2 not V1.2.

      I'll wait, as I said before, for V2 or later.

      As I have no problems with my V5.0.2 that I can't live with, I see no urgency to upgrade.

      Call me when a Unicode build of V2 or later is available, until then .....


    • steakhacher

      steakhacher - 2009-03-14


      Do you can release the source code of the function list 2.0 beta. I am sure that someone will be able to port it to unicode version.
      This function list 2.0 is fantastic so it has to be ported to unicode. Jens if you want to make something better again than the 2.0 with another arhitecture, you will create the function list 3.0

      Thanks a lot


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