Function List for Ada

  • Bryan

    Bryan - 2007-07-17

    Can I add a definition for the Ada language to FunctionList_Rules.xml using v2.0 Alpha?

    I've tried, but all I get in the Function List is "Language unsupported"

    • Bryan

      Bryan - 2007-07-17

      Never mind.  I didn't have the Alpha version installed correctly.

      Function List works perfectly.  When I've settled on definitions for Ada, I'll post them.

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Hello, what about this function list?
        This can be very useful!!
        thank you very much

        • Nobody/Anonymous

          I am sorry but I am developing at the moment the Explorer plugin. Function List is may next task - again!

          BTW: I am also interested in ADA rules. I would publish it in next version...

          Best Regards