Customize Toolbar - New Version 3.1

  • dave-user

    dave-user - 2012-08-04

    Version 3.1 of Customize Toolbar has been released. Please see the note below regarding backwards compatibility.

    The main new features are compatibility with Python Script buttons, support for user-defined Custom Buttons in non-English languages, and three additional buttons for hiding line number, bookmark and folder margins.

    Both ANSI and Unicode variants are available for download at:



    New features, changes and fixes in Version 3.1:

    - New: Three additional buttons added for hiding line number, bookmark and folder margins.
    - New: Three menu items added to Notepad++ View menu for hiding line number, bookmark and folder margins.

    - Chg: Custom Buttons configuration file menu strings can now contain non-English characters.
    - Chg: Custom Buttons configuration file must now have Unicode UTF-16 little endian encoding (with or without BOM).

    - Fix: Python Script buttons are now enabled (clickable) and retain customized position.
    - Fix: Custom Buttons help now clarifies that .bmp file must be 16x16 pixels and 8-bits depth.
    - Fix: Custom Buttons help now clarifies that first pixel defines colour for transparent pixels.

    This version (3.1) is backwards compatible with the previous version (3.0), except that.the Custom Buttons configuration file encoding has been changed. The configuration file must now have Unicode UTF-16 little endian encoding. On the Windows platform, a simple way to create the configuration file is to use the standard Notepad and in the File>Save As dialog set the Encoding to Unicode.

  • Anonymous - 2012-08-17

    Thanks for this new version. It now works great with the Python Script plugin.

    I noticed that for Python Script icons on the toolbar that you include a popup tooltip 'Python Script 1'. Would it be possible to change this so that it contained the name of the Python Script file?


  • Cod0r

    Cod0r - 2012-09-30


    Great Plugin, especially the custom buttons is a really nice feature, but there is no refreshing of those buttons:

    I've created 2 buttons:
    Edit,EOL Conversions,Convert to UNIX Format,,UNIX.bmp
    Edit,EOL Conversions,Convert to Windows Format,,UNIX.bmp

    When NPP starts one of those buttons is greyed out (like in the menu) depending on the format of the actual file.
    BUT if I now click the enabled button to change the format I would expect the other button to become enabled (like in the menu), but this does not happen. Also if I activate an other file (with a different format) the button states are not updated.

    The only workaround I found so far is:
    Open and directly close the "Customize…" dialog => This seems to reinitialize the buttons…. but you have to do it everytime when you change the format or switch to a differently formatted file….

    Would be nice if this could be fixed, but I'm not sure if a plugin can react on such actions in NPP and then redraw the buttons….



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