Customize Toolbar - New Version 3.3

  • Dex

    Dex - 2013-03-05

    I ended up reviving an old thread to say thanks, but I believe it was partially warranted since posts in that thread helped me with my problem.

    I'll repeat it here though: Thank you for making and maintaining this great plugin. I love being able to customize an app like this to remove things I don't use and add things I do.
    I tried to donate but your project has not opted to accept donations. If you change your mind, let me know. I would like to pitch in a small amount for this.

  • Jolly

    Jolly - 2013-06-05

    Hy Dave,
    thanks for your great PlugIn(s) and for your great support of the whole NP++ comunity.
    I noticed this PlugIn using your "Plugin Manager". (another great job ;-)

    I like to customize the command "Show White Space and Tabs" because I dont like the fat end of line markers. (That is the only thing I dont like in conjunction with NP++ ;-)

    Unfortunately on my windows 8 PC it seams that the Plugin isn't able to create the CustomizeToolbar.btn file. (even if NP++ is started with administration rights)

    Do you provide this file anywere to download it?
    Perhaps you can also provide Textfiles with your help instructions from the help menu and the customize menu.
    If I can not download it perhaps someone could paste the content of the file into this thread.

    Best Regards

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