Forced update to Plugin Manager 1.0.8

  • Dave Brotherstone

    As promised, 1.0.8 of plugin manager has been rolled out.  So, plugin manager (the previous "official" release) will only update itself to 1.0.8.

    Windows 7 and Vista users will need to start N++ as administrator to successfully upgrade.

    A note to that effect is at:

    Many thanks,

  • Mike Cowperthwaite

    I inadvertantly said Yes, Update under my non-Admin account on Windows XP. It failed. I re-ran as Admin, and it installed fine, but running as non-Admin, I still get the "need to complete…" dialog, which fails again after I restart. What is it I need to do to reset the profile to "don't bug me about this"?

  • Dave Brotherstone

    You need to delete the PluginManagerGpup.xml file in your config directory (probably %APPDATA%\Notepad++\plugins\config, but the settings dialog in Plugin Manager will tell you exactly where).  That's gpup.exe trying to update itself, and not being able to.

    I'll add this point to the website, just in case other face this.


  • DV

    DV - 2012-03-10

    Are there automatic updates of PluginManager's information about plugins and their versions  or every update should be done/triggered manually? 
    For instance, download statistics of NppExec says that v0.4.1 is still downloaded about 10 times more than the latest v0.4.2. And if we check PluginManager, it still points to NppExec v0.4.1. 

  • pedro_sland

    pedro_sland - 2012-03-10

    When Dave has the time and the plugin has been proven stable, Dave updates the plugin manager list. The author should also update the plugin manager site. I believe that plugin manager downloads the updates once per week.

  • DV

    DV - 2012-03-12

    > The author should also update the plugin manager site. 
    Do you mean registration at and some further actions? I never did it before, so I'm not sure.

  • pedro_sland

    pedro_sland - 2012-03-12

    Yes. This makes it easier for Dave to update the XML.

    Here is what Dave said in another thread:

    I don't update the plugin manager straight away, I wait until it's had a few days for people to download it. Any reports that come back - e.g. it crashes, it's turned my machine into a toaster, it's killed my dog, etc. can then be sorted out, without having just automatically updated everybody to it (and hence crashing everyone's machine, killing everyone's dog etc :).

    By this he means that he still has to approve the update made on the website so there may still be a delay. You also should announce your updates on the forum like normal first.

  • Dave Brotherstone

    dv__, looks like I missed the announcement for this.  apologies, it certainly wasn't deliberate!

    I see you've got your account on the admin site now, so you can update it yourself.  Any issues give me a shout.

    Apologies again,

  • herald83

    herald83 - 2012-04-27


    Is there a way to upgrade plugin manager on portable installs of NPP without admin rights on Win7?

  • Eric Zaetsch

    Eric Zaetsch - 2012-04-28

    NOTICE TO DEVELOPER: cloud storage indicated a plugin nppBoxPluginSetup.exe downloaded in a zip file from site exists to ostensibly allow Box cloud file editing and saving via a workstation Notepad++ install. Directly - i.e., without user download/upload of a cloud file through a browser tab, bypassing that, automating it. After an install, I wondered then tested, MSSE and Malwarebytes passed it, Clam did not, but it might have given a false positive. Submitting it to Virus Total, some engines said infected, so used Plugin Monitor to remove it. (Locking barn door, etc. - really bad form.) Plugin Manager said it was an unrecognized plugin, and asked NOTICE of it be posted on this forum. Apologies if there is a better way to post, but I am a new Sourceforge registrant. BOTTOM LINE: I don't need it, will not use it, and hope that I did not pick up any malware infection. But I expect it's legitimate - Notice given, ball is in the developers' court. If anyone has experience with the plugin as problematic or benign, posting a reply may help others. I expect usage may increase, and there may be a user base. Thanks.

  • cchris

    cchris - 2012-04-28

    You did the right thing, though I'd think a new thread is more appropriate.

    Did you run any anti-malware detector?
    AVG find the installer to be clean, and I'm running SpyBot SnD right now to se whether it reports anything. I've found it to be trustful - at least it diagnosed questionabl items I knew to have.

    Plugin Manager probably doesn't know about the plugin, so it says it is unrecognised.

    I'm waiting for more reports before adding this to the Plugin Central diectory. In the meantrime, it would help if you could send me the Virus Total report.


  • cchris

    cchris - 2012-04-28

    Follow-up: SpyBot Snd can't find anything wrong, so I assume there is no involved malware infction.


  • Dave Brotherstone

    @herald83,  sorry for the delay in reply.   The simplest way would be to download the new Plugin Manager 1.0.8 from and replace the PluginManager.dll and gpup.exe in your portable install. 

    The problem then is that PM doesn't really cope with portable installations, where you've not got admin rights, but you don't need them to install other plugins.  One temporary but poor workaround would be to install the plugins in your portable installation on a home machine, where you do have admin rights, then use that as your portable installation.

    I'll make a note to try and detect if admin rights are actually needed to install the plugins in the next version.  Currently it doesn't require admin rights if you're installing your plugins to %APPDATA%, and you've got appdata plugins enabled, but that kinda defeats the point of a portable installation. 

    One other option, which I could do very quickly, but be to add a switch in the .ini file that admin rights are not required for plugin installations, such that you can set it and then it will install without admin rights.  I'd prefer if it detected it, but that will be more work than just a switch.  How does that sound?

    Sorry it's not better news.

    The plugin is only an installer, and does not appear itself to be open source, although, given that it (atleast from the video) has a docking window, it MUST link/include Notepad++ code, which is GPL, therefore, it MUST be open source too.  Anything else would be a violation of the GPL.  IANAL, but as far as I know, basically any Notepad++ plugin MUST be open source, at least if it uses the docking window code.  One could argue that no code is used if you just use the message defines, but that is currently being argued by Google / Android, who did just that.  It's also .NET, so my bets are on that it uses the .NET Plugin template from uf0-pu55y, which is also open source.

    As far as plugin manager is concerned, if the author would like to post an announcement in the plugin development forum, provide a zipped installation method, and open the source, then it'll be added to plugin manager just like everyone else.


  • Dave Brotherstone

    I've emailed the author and asked for some clarification, and advised what he needs to do to get his plugin listed, so we'll wait and see.

  • herald83

    herald83 - 2012-04-30

    Thanks!  That sounds fine for now.  Mainly, I just wanted it to stop popping up asking to finish installing things every time I run NPP, especially when I already knew that my plugins had installed properly.