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NPP needs "AnyCompletion"

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    (Feature Request) or (Idontknowhowtodothis)

    I deeply miss a autocompletion feature that completes ...mmmh.. works on any matching word on earlier lines in a textfile. Just like with typing this text this would mean i started typing "au" and then hitting CTRL-Space (or whatever) and NPP completes the "au" with the earlier used word "autocompletion".

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      That is a good idea, If Autocompletion combine with Function List Feature then it is better.
      Same to MS Visual Basic 6.0 (or higher) feature (Ctrl+J)

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        This is a long long discussion here in the forum.

        I deeply miss this feature, some may say "hey, it's a code editor, not an IDE", but I still think it could be useful.

        I don't think it would degrade the performance so badly, and even if it does, there could be an option to turn it off for the performance freaks.

        Please, think about it people...


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi all,

      This is exactly what I want too. Like UE, this is really good when coding.

      You declare some vars in the begining of the file then autocomplete them later... it's reduce the syntax error.

      Good thing to add to this really good editor.

      Fabio ^_^

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      It is not the performace. It is the effort to implement this for all languages!

      The currently parsing rule in Function List Plugin could be used for all. Only some settings have to define therefore. But I have no idea, how could implement this for all other languages.

      Best Regards

    • Andrew Bay

      Andrew Bay - 2006-07-19

      Lets not forget to include functions and variables declared in included files.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      It will be possible in next verision of Npp. But this is only an auto completition which parses the current open file.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I don't know if this had been mentioned before, but Scite (official editor based on Scintilla), has this feature, it's called AutoCompleteWord.  I'm going to assume that it's a feature already built into Scintilla, so I would think it's just an option that can be turned on somehow.  Not sure if this is possible with NPP.