dail8859 - 2014-01-15

I have been prototyping a plugin I want to write in C++ with the Python Script plugin. I kept getting Unknown Exception messages popping up and thought it was what I was doing. However, I think it is something in Python Script.

Run the code in the python script console:

def modifiedDocument(args):
editor.callback(modifiedDocument, [SCINTILLANOTIFICATION.MODIFIED])

Afterwards it usually works fine just typeing, undoing, redoing, until it has several operations to do at once. For example typing a long line of text and undoing it causes each character to be removed and starts popping up with unknown exception dialogs. According to the documentation, the Scintilla notifications are put in a queue so I don't know if a queue is overflowing or the callback is getting called asynchronously or what exactly.

When I was originally running into the problem I was accessing keys inside the args dictionary that should have been there but was receiving python key error messages in the console output.

I'm using N++ 6.5.3 (zip) and only have Python Script installed.

Any help is appreciated :)