How to re-use predefined file extension

  • Steve Valliere

    Steve Valliere - 2013-11-08

    I don't use MOST of the languages supported by Notepad++ (I suspect many, if not most, other users are the same, too) and I would like to re-use an extension for a custom-defined language. It appears that this is not possible. I tried disabling the language and then setting its extension as an alternate for C to see if what I want might work, but alas, the original coloring prevails over C syntax. I tried saving the changes, exiting and restarting Notepad++, verifying the settings and it still didn't work.

    While I think it is neat that so many languages are supported, I'd be even happier if I could eliminate languages that are using the same extension as a different language that I use. Please, please tell me this is possible, and hopefully, how to get it done.

    Specifically, I want to use the '.r' extension as an alternate for C because I'm getting a niece and nephew interested in CRobots and a nice, syntax colored editor for the '.r' robot source code (which uses C syntax) would be a boon.

  • cchris

    cchris - 2013-11-22

    I haven't tested this, but how about editing langs.xml WITH A DIFFERENT EDITOR and change the extension you want to override to something unlikely?

    Do so when N++ is closed of course.