WebEdit v2.1 - "This Ansi Plugin is not compatible with your Unicode Notepad++" etc

  • Mark2012

    Mark2012 - 2013-02-11

    I just downloaded the most current version of this plugin. Once it was installed, this error message pops up each time as I start Notepad++.

    "This Ansi Plugin is not compatible with your Unicode Notepad++.
    This plugin is not compatible with current version of Notepad++."

    When I use the Plugin Manager, it shows the WebEdit plugin as installed and stable.

    I use this plugin frequently as I design webpages, but I am not a programmer to make programming changes to things as this.

    Can someone help resolve this problem with the plugin?


  • cchris

    cchris - 2013-02-18

    This message shows in cases that have nothing to do with ANSI vs Unicode. The message just says loading the dll failed.
    I just installed it from PM without a message box. v6.3, win8/64

    Reinstall from Plugin Manager tends to cure a number of these things. Try it and report back.


    • Mark2012

      Mark2012 - 2013-02-22

      Ok, I did that before I posted here, but I tried it again since the program downloaded may be updated since.

      Result - the same problem.

      I have Win 7/64 ; Notepad++ v.6.3 ; WebEdit v.2.1

      Any suggestions? The shot gun comes as the last resort.

  • cchris

    cchris - 2013-03-04

    I'd try renaming the plugins folder to let's say "lugins", then create the plugins folder again, putting there only whatever relates to WebEdit. Then try again. Success would point to another plugin interfering. Failure says something goes wrong as you load the plugin - you are loading the Unicode version called WebEditU.dll, roght?


    • Mark2012

      Mark2012 - 2013-03-08

      ===Problem Finally Solved===

      Ok, I found the problem and got it to work. Thanks for the suggestion Chris.

      I did as you suggested and found that it was just the WebEdit plugin causing the issue. Then I happen to think that I would delete one of the DLL files and see which one caused the problem. This is where I found the culprit.

      It was the "WebEdit.dll" file that was the issue.

      I had to remove it from the plugins folder and place it into a "Hold" folder to prevent NotePad++ from accessing it. Renaming it did not work, somehow NotePad still found it and used it. ("Hold" folder was placed in the plugins folder).

      Once the DLL file was removed, NotePad opened without that conflict warning and the WebEdit program worked fine.

      This says the file - WebEditU.dll was the one NotePad++ (v6.3) needed for the plugin to work.

      (PS: I sold my shotgun!)

      Last edit: Mark2012 2013-03-08

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