The macro does not work

  • JulGon

    JulGon - 2005-08-31

    hi!  I am a new user of this good soft. Thanks for him.

    The first thing that I did was to try to generate a macro that I use very much.
    She does the following thing: Having a file of text, for example a novel, I move the cursor up to, for example, the line 300.  Already posicionado in this line, I initiate the recording of the macro. Then, keeping the key Shift pressed, I move the cursor up to the first line with successive clicks in the key PgUp, in order to mark to cut the text.
    Then I press Ctrl-X, click in FILE/NEW and paste the cut text. And, finally, I finish the recording of the macro and record it assigning to him a name.

    Then, when I want to do that the macro does the work for yes alone, this does not happen. It does some thing, but it does not repeat the steps that I have recorded for her.

    Forgive my English, but only I speak Spanish and I am generating it with ImTraslator.

    Thanks for his attention.


    • David Leigh

      David Leigh - 2006-02-28

      Can you please list which dialogs don't function in macros.  The find/replace dialog not working with macros is a BIG least for the way I am used to using quick macro features with other editors.  I've looked for the "nirvanah" of editors and Notepad++ is pretty close (especially love the "folding"!)...BUT...I use macros a LOT and not having find/replace with that was a problem.  Any chance that this will be included in the future?

    • Greg Bullock

      Greg Bullock - 2005-09-03

      Some of the menu commands, including File: New, don't get recorded or played back with macros.

      Maybe there is an alternative set of steps you can record?  For example, perhaps you can first create the new file with File: New, then start recording your macro but using Ctrl-Tab and Ctrl-Shift-Tab to toggle between the two files.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      It seems that macro have trouble too with plugins. I try to do a macro to insert current short date followed by my name ==> I can not. Returned date is always 0.  What's wrong ?
      Thank you

      • Don HO

        Don HO - 2005-09-14

        The plugin is not (and can not be technically) part of macro system, so it was just ignored.


      • Nobody/Anonymous

        When printing, I'd like to get the date and time at the bottom of the page, along with the filename and the page number.

        How is this possible (since it is not possible to include PlugIns in macros) ?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      its also not possible to record replaces made width the replace-dialog.


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