User defined language partial word matches

  • emilie

    emilie - 2013-10-02

    I created a user defined language for writing Maple programs (the math software). The code wrapping used to work very well, but with some new updates it is now attempting to wrap on partial word matches. For example, the beginning of an "if" block is just "if" and the end is "fi". If I have an if block like:

    if i=0 then
    j := infinity;

    I would like it to wrap the entire block. Instead, because infinity contains "fi" (inFInity) it only wraps the first two lines together. This wasn't an issue in previous versions. Unfortunately I can't remember what previous version I was using when it worked. I have tried 6.4.3 - 6.5 and had this problem with all of them.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Loreia2

    Loreia2 - 2013-10-03

    Hi emilie,

    just switch from Folder in code 1 to Folder in code 2 style.

    See details on documentation page:

    See section:
    More on "forward" and "backward" logic


  • emilie

    emilie - 2013-10-03

    THANK YOU LOREIA!!! That worked :).


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