crash at the startup (opening a file)

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    hi guys;

    OS: Win XP Prof SP2
    Notepad++: v4.0
    The case:
    I have a file called "mysterious field.sql" on my desktop. Notepad++ crashes everytime I want to open it. No matter if I double-click the file (associated with the program) or open it from Notepad++. This is the standard XP crash window with an error signature and mem dump.
    The funny thing is that there's nothing special about this file. Even if I make a copy of the file and put it also on the desktop, I can open w/o any problems. The file isn't locked or used by any other program either.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      This may be a know issue, but it's inconvenient so I figured I'd shared.  I didn't test all the different conditions throughly.

      The repro steps are as follows   (Win2k3, Notepad++ 4.2.2 - english)

      1) Open or create new file in notepad++  C:\Foo   (path doesn't matter)
      2) Close notepad++  (don't close the document, close the editor)
      3) Rename the document to something (anything else)
      4) Create a new directory 'C:\Foo'
      5) Open notepad++

      Observed behavior:
        Get message:  "Cannot open file C:\Foo"   (that is fine)
        Notepad++ crashes with "The exception unknown software exception (0xc000000d) occured in the application at location 0x0044dc41).
        (notepad++ stays in this state until some corrective action is taken)

      Work around: 
      Rename the file/directory back again and futz around a little bit until it it loads (got it to work by right-clicking the text file after it was renamed back to 'C:\Foo' and selecting 'edit with notepad++'.  

    • Don HO

      Don HO - 2007-01-31

      It seems the full path name is in Unicode.
      Could you give me the *Full Path Name* of this file?


      • Nobody/Anonymous

        the full path is:
        C:\Documents and Settings\ai6373\Desktop\mysterious field.sql

        the thing is... this file open w/o problems:
        C:\Documents and Settings\ai6373\Desktop\Copy of mysterious field.sql

        • Nobody/Anonymous

          I had the same problem, thanks for the tip nobody.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I bet the problem you are having is the same one I've been having, and recently decided to use my brain and figure it out. My problem (opening a file --> crash) was because the file was initially created on the desktop. If I renamed the file, it would not open. If I copied, it would open. However, when I took the file and moved it to my documents (I suspect I could have moved it anywhere), the file would open. So I think it's something about a file that is initially created (extracted from an archive, etc) on the desktop that causes the problem. Hope that helps.


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