How does Function List work? Can it do CSS or HTML-tree view?

  • Buddy_H

    Buddy_H - 2013-07-22


    How does "function list" work?
    I click on view -> function list and get an empty panel to the right.

    I was hoping to use it for CSS or HTML as a kind of jump list, or as a tree view for easy navigation. Are CSS and HTML supported by "function list"?
    I searched the forum and found old threads that said CSS will be supported in the future. Has this future arrived already?

    Is function list now a part of NP++ or do I still need to install the old plugin v2.1 from 2010?

    Thank you for helping!

  • Predelnik

    Predelnik - 2013-07-23

    For now it works only for C++/javascript, I guess it's possible to do something for HTML/CSS either but then you should modify functionList.xml yourself (if you're good with regular expressions) or just wait until someone from the developers will do it.

    And yes now it's integral part of Notepad++.

  • stepher

    stepher - 2013-07-26

    Actually, I also got it to work for assembler, more specifically, the 8051 instruction set and assembler directives (See my other post:

    Also, still waiting to hear if there is any plan to provide sorting options (alphabetical versus program flow) anytime in the near future....


  • Buddy_H

    Buddy_H - 2013-08-03

    Thanks for the answers!
    I found this old post from 2007:
    which says this should work:
    Function List Name = [a-zA-Z0-9_#.]+
    Body begin = {
    Body end = }
    But looking at functionList.xml, this seems like an older syntax. I am not sure how to rewrite this so it fits with the current xml definitions.

    Somewhere else I read that "SourceCookifier" is a similar tool and can provide a tree-like view of HTML (maybe not CSS?). But right now this can't be installed because it is not validating...


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