Launching error

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I've allways used npp, and by what so ever i dont know, it started not working. I uninstaled it and instaled it again. After instalation wen i launch the program, its shown to me a erro box saying "The operation completed sucessfully".

    Can any one help me?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks, it runs now

    • Nobody/Anonymous


      same as your since yesterday

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Same as you two !!
      Does anybody find where is the problem ?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I found where the pb was :
      just remove Notepad++ directory in %APPDATA%
      and launch it again

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        hey i got same problem, where is %APPDATA% located? i can't find it.

        tell me response here or mail me to

        • Anonymous - 2006-05-22

          Just click Start > Run... and type %APPDATA% in the text field. You should have the appriopriate dir opened in Explorer.