Doesn't Open

  • Brittnee Thomas

    Brittnee Thomas - 2008-10-31

    So I downloaded NPP then I found the ruby.api and ruby blue style all happy to have an editor with an auto complete idea.  However even when I go directly to the exe fil it does not open.  I should have at least 30 instants running by now.  For some reason beyond the first installer start of teh program I have been unable to get it to start. Any ideas?  Happen to anyone else?

    • Airdrik

      Airdrik - 2008-11-03

      I've found that occasionally NP++ doesn't close properly, and then prevents itself from reopening properly. 
      To remedy that situation, open the task manager and kill all running instances of notepad++.  Then open NP++ again, and it should open fine.

    • lukedmor

      lukedmor - 2008-11-01

      i have the same problem. i used it once, and i thought it was awesome! once i closed it, and tried to open it again, it didn't work. i even looked at a bunch of other code editors, but none of them really match up to this. i hope someone would help us use it!