Folding Above my Keyword - Auto placing it up

  • NewbieNotepad

    NewbieNotepad - 2012-10-07

    Hi Forum,

    I did some searches but i cant find the answers to my following questions.
    What i notice with coding stuff is that i can make 2 choices:
    - Long single keywords with blank spaces before and upfront. (Easy viewable) (But weird on collapsed folders)
    - Smart keyword placement. (Less easy viewable) (But awesome viewable when collapsed folders)

    This would be ideal:

    Uncollapsed (Great to View)

    state something
                          say boink;
                function blabla;

    Collapsed (Not how i want it)

    state something

    How i would want it collapsed
    Collapsed (Perfect)

    state something {
    event(something) {}

    Now the best way i thought this could be done is with a plugin. That automaticly moves the first keywords Up above its current line.
    This way:
    When you open any folder it shows perfectly easy layed out for the eye.
    And when you close it it makes it perfectly slim and viewable.

    I hope you get what i mean :P

    PS: + is there an easy way to make the indent tabbed automaticly? with 1 Tab.

  • NewbieNotepad

    NewbieNotepad - 2012-10-08

    For those who would like to know
    Ive found sortof an solution

    Can format in both ways with JSMin.
    But youd o have to constantly swap between the style.
    + It doesnt auto format when folding and unfolding. that would be awesome if it did ^^


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