Cannot use braces as folder characters?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    If one sets {} or () as folder opening / closing characters for a User Defined Language, though the folding is working, but the brace higlighting goes astray, displaying all braces as unmatched ones.
    How can this issue be solved?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      After examining the sources I have found the problem, and here it is a solution for that.

      The problem: the LexUser.cxx uses different styles (SCE_USER_BLOCK_OPERATOR_OPEN and SCE_USER_BLOCK_OPERATOR_CLOSE) to mark the beginning and the ending of a block, but the BraceMatch function finds matches only with the same style.

      I have changed the mask to STYLE_MAX in the LexUser and set the ..._OPERATOR_CLOSE constant to 44 (12 + 32), so it has the same lower 5 bits as the ..._OPEN value.

      Now the BraceMatch masks the 6-8th bit, so it does not differentiate among the two SCE_USER_... but the folding routine does, making it possible to fold the text. One problem persists yet: the 6th bit represents an indicator, so we must set the indicators[0].style in ViewStyle.cxx to INDIC_HIDDEN (the program does not use indicators, so it is not harmful to change the code), and we can now use braces as folding characters with brace matching.

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        I am having a similar problem, trying to set  { and } for folder begin and end.  It does fine identifying the {'s but NONE of the }'s are identified (even on line by iteself). 

        It't just the braces -- the preckets and parens work fine, and it identifies both sides.

        I am using latest version of NPP 4.0.2.

        Any suggestions?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      correction -- if I define the } as close first and then { as open -- then its oppisite -- it only sees the }'s and not the {'s.   (Even if on line by itself etc.)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Sorry for so many posts - but one more question.  How can i get it to "not care" if the { or } have stuff next to it.  When it does notice them, it only notices if it has spaces or new lines on each side. 

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Correction once again -- i figured it out -- when I remove something from the operators list -- it doesn't "take" until I add something else to the list. 

      I was messing arround trying to add it to the operators list to see if it would get it to recognize the {}'s even though they had text next to them.  In doing so, even after removing the last one fromthe operators list, it was still on there, until I added somthing else.  

      I tested by making my line comment char an operator, and all the comments when unstyled -- then took it off the operators list -- still unstyled -- as soon as I added a random other char as an operater, all mo comments where once again styled.

      Probably a bug. 

      I would still like to know how to make it consider any { or } as a folder begin/end even if it has text like this

      {Q1: [2/13

      Do you want to........

      (1) 1 yes
      (2) 2 no}

      Thanks in advance for any help!!